angela: chris & grace's wedding is STILL the #1 most beautiful wedding ever in the history of most beautiful weddings! Congratulations to them both as they prepare for the arrival of their baby girl!
Heather Kincaid: In love with that tree shot! So amazing!
Rebekah: Your photos are drop-dead gorgeous. I am so impressed with the pregnant pictures that look less about the belly and more about the mommy/baby relationship somehow. Great job!
Colorado Wedding Photographer, JasonG: Dude... you two capture such fantastic images. Love the backlit sunglare, love the tree...
Bonni Simmons: That second image took my breath away. AMAZING!
Grace and Chris: Hiya!! Thanks again for taking these pictures. We have had an awesome pregnancy and these images are the PERFECT addition to our wonderful journey :) Oh and now you've been blogged
Sarah Bussey: Those are so beautiful. Next time I get pregnant I might need you to photograph me and my husband :)
Kara Wieler: These are gorgeous maternity photos. Simple and stunning.
Suzi Swartzendruber: Wow! Grace looks like a goddess in the woods. The way you see things is amazing!
Kayla: I love these!
Maria: I remember their wedding pictures; they were amazing and so are these pictures. Congratulations Shilpeys and once again awesome job!!
angel swanson: i love this a lot lot lot.
Emily DeWan: Reproduction win indeed! Pregnant ladies and awesome forests should go together always.
Lisa H. Chang: I really like the first one! :)
rachel: those are gorgeous. i looooove the flare! wow. i can't stop looking.
amber: flare. flare. flare. oh so magical!
ohana photographers - kimi: that's preggolicious right there!
Tracy I.: Beautiful beautiful couple. Saw a sample of the Renaissance Album with their images at WPPI. AMAZING!
AmyPunky Photography (Emilie): Oh yeah! I remember them!! Awesome wedding!!! Cute maternity photos!! She is hot!! :)
clarissa: Love the location! is so magical no matter who is there!
jay tee elle : ooohhhh.... a big thank you for not posting any pictures of him talking to her belly.. been there, seen that.
Katie : I hate you.
katy gray: omg #3 makes me want to be pregnant again just so you can take pictures of me.
Yolanda: Yay! Its a been a long time since weve seen a belly on the blog. And such a shame because you capture mommas in such an interesting way. More. Please? Pretty please?
sigpras: Nate and Jaclyn you guys keep on inspiring me... thanks God i found blogisfound... keep on shoot and rock the world... i wish someday i can meet up with both of you :))
s h e r r y: Lovve the 4th shot! <3 And the one of them holding the pups. TOO cute.
JENA: just stunning - gorgeous gorgeous light, and they look so genuinely happy - would also love to see more images! keep up the great work!!
Gary & Courtney: You > Other Photographers ... love image three... wowza.
Katie Neal Photo: love these! so beautiful!
paul romero: warm, flared, & knocked up!
vicky: whoa.... can you post more photos!!! they are amazingly awesome couple in the photos!
amanda: simply amazing! love them all!
Stevie: awesome flare on 3. Is that all T/S?
Gabe: killed this. woooow. woow. wow!!
Tanja: omg, everytime you guys put out pictures, they are just so stunning and I get so inspired..
Kip: So much flare. Love it.