Holly: THE most hysterical family post i've ever seen!!!!! ahhhhh!! that kid cracks me up! quirkly, fresh and always amazing!!!! thanks, nate & jaclyn!!!
francis : awesome set! looks like a really fun bunch. you captured their family wonderfully. bravo!
brooke bowland: i want to be this family! love.
caroline {woodnote photography}: that first image absolutely kills me past words!! tres bien..
jesse Chamberlin: wow. i love these. awesome
jenn king: love these!
Pammy: I know her and she's a funny, sweet person. Her personality shines. The family looks awesome too!
Colorado Wedding Photographer, JasonG: Love these family portraits - fun, exciting, creative, spontaneous! Great light as well.
Chad Heit : nate, thank you! this was the best experience, we admire what you do and you have given us something we will cherish for ever...
Wai Reyes: Seriously, everyone's family sessions look so boring all of a sudden :) You guys are amazing!
meredith huntley: perfect in everyway. can i be in this family please??? haha
50centlove: SO CUTE!!
carrie: yummy yummy yummy yummy. LOVE!!!
Kate Noelle: Holy Crayola! That belly button shot makes my heart happy! :) Made my morning to see that!
stan: the kaisers are so BA! Awesome session.
lroah: THE HEIT FAMILY ROCKS!!!!!!!! Nate - these are the bomb - love how you captured Sandy, Chad and the kids. :)
smhunter: little green chucks with a rolled pant leg and a gray cardigan = WIN.
josh: now thats just happy!
Nicole Glenn: That first picture completely made my day. And it's not even 9am! Beautiful family!
Aaron Curtis : Fantastic shots! Really love the realness and spontenaity. Keep up the good work! You inspire me.
bobbi: i'm a fan. you rock. my fave: the first. WHHHHERRRRE'S YOUR BELLY BUTTON?!!? that kid is the definition of animated. perfect session. :)
EdB: Very rad indeed! AWESOME (as always)
AmyPunky Photography (Emilie): such a fun session!! love it!