Davide: great images! the last one in particular is fantastic!
Corne: These shots look incredible!! Would love to see more!
cori derksen: love these fun images!
dont smile now: AMAZING!!!! I think you take amazing photos no mater what camera you sue!!!!
heather-one love: i am a hassy girl through and through. mine will always have my heart and i will never stray. I am just slow and square. looks like you are to-love these! Kids are cuter on film:)
Stacey Malleck: Loving the film. Makes me frown a bit at Canon 7D. Ahhh well...
kate wall: I am in love with those planters in your backyard, do they have bottoms? I want more photos of those please!
laura: they're brilliant!! Love the angles you've chosen, specially the shots from underneath the chairs!
Stephanie: So jealous of your newfound love for an old flame. I too got rid of old equipment to support new habits. :) Question: When you got the prints from the lab, did you get them on a cd to edit on the computer, or just the prints with a get-what-you-get notion?
marco: new groups are forming... digital is not dead!
arielle joy: Wow these are great I loved them. :)
Ulmer Studios: Agghhh....now you are making me want to hit that buy now button. I've picked up my old 35mm but oh...to have a Hassie!!!! What print lab? -Josh
Jim Marsden: Absolutley bang on.
Melissa: proof that you ARE amazing. not sure many of us could still shoot film. but you did. 'cause you're amazing.
jamie: so cute. i swear, like every other time that you blog the kids... i notice that my daughter and your daughter have the same stylist in the closet department :)
Feuza: I do not know how you guys do it all, kids, business, marriage,that is awesome
Danielel Rabbat: Awesome shots! Happy birthday, Jasper!
AMANDA : I am diggin' every freakin photo in this post. You're a photographic monster. Also... a shout out to the yo-gabba-gabba birthday jam!
Paco and Betty: very beautiful&
Kelly E.: Where is that mod bird pillow from? Cute kids :)
paul: the one of jasper in framed by the legs of the chairs is my fav
ajira: Love indeed! Way to rock it man. Beautiful... oh the light, the light! In every single one. And did I mention that your family is gorgeous?
wes: When you slow down, you'll go further ... Love it!
sean: real clean. real cred.
Shari Correll: These are beautiful. I miss film so much it hurts. Gotta get the Archibald game for your iphone. It got 5 stars and my 6-yr-old is addicted to it.
Abra Michelle: Ummm. Jaclyn. Beautiful at 7:30. Me, jealous. Great catch man. As for the rest of the pictures, amazing. . .but you know that already. ;)
Craig D: AWESOME images man. The scans are incredible. I love how in some of them you can see the triangles that are unique to the Hassie! Who did the processing?
wendie C in Vegas: I bet you go for the digital Hassie next. I have been drooling over the Hasselblads for years! I am so envious of you right now!!! I can't wait to get my hands on one....they send me a catalog every year! Enjoy.
Kelli Nicole: I LOVE all of these! Those kiddos are freakin' adorable.
AmyPunky Photography (Emilie): love these photos!!! your kids have the most amazing blue eyes!!
Rachel B.: I am loving these photos! Beautiful! But you know that your kids are the ones who are making these shots. It is just crazy how adorably photogenic they are! So natural!
Jeremy Dueck: Welcome home, I love film and the Hassy, never sold mine. And every time I shoot a DSLR I miss the room of the Square. Welcome home.
Mr. Crinks: Oh man, I swear there's something in the air.. So many people I know (myself included) are dabbling with film again and in particular the square format. Beautiful shots here.. the ones of Grace with backlit with the windows really show how film is the king of dynamic range.. just a gorgeous quality to them all.
s h e r r y: These are so gorgeous. All your kids have such beautiful eyes!! :) I am dying to try film now!
Jane Hasty: Sweetest!!!!!!!!!!!!
Iliana: wow.. everything you take a shot of is like magic! great pics!
neal carpenter: I think I could have written this post. The love of the Hasselblad, the despair from selling it, the want for another. I am currently transitioning back to film and decided on Mamiya 645 AF, but I will have to get another Hasselblad. Oh, what lab? The scans are beautiful.
clarissa: little jasper is the cutest thing! your family photo albums must be awesomely-huge-mungus!
Rogieflex: Hello Hasselnate, it's Rogieflex. Love the photo of Jac because I know that photo all too well. Let me elaborate...she's looking at your rad head and you're looking down the throat of the Hassie to look at her rad head looking at her rad head. Skills.
Brian Palmer: I always wanted to shoot a Hassie, I started off in film as well. These first two rolls were well worth it! Great colors, comps, and angles! Forget Robbie Rocks....Nate Rocks!!! holla at ya boy!
Brielle : uhhhh...I want one!
varun: I think you could take amazing pictures with an etch-a-sketch
lroah: Not fair how good Jaclyn looks at 7:30am. :) LOVE these!
Cameron 'The Shocker' Ingalls: Love the one of Jasper in the tub. so perfect and real.
scott neumyer: GORGEOUS work, man. Now... where'd you get those Yo Gabba Gabba shirts? I think The Wiggle Bears needs em. Justin hook it up? :)
Shawn Kloster: So... freakin'... jealous! The images are outstanding. I love it! Can't wait to see more!!!
Micah Dahlberg: Yikes!! I know what I want for my birthday! Thanks for doing what you do guys!
johnwaire | photo: love them!
Micah Cordes: awesome. really love that color!!!
rory: fabulous results from your new toy. pick of the bunch for me is 'morning jaclyn' - stunning. more soon please nate
caroline: Beautiful! I just acquired a medium format camera (definitely not a Hassie!), and have no idea how to use the thing. I've only ever had 35mm cameras. Should be some interesting trial and error.
sarah: absolutely beautiful. I'm jealous!
jason : awesome images! love the sqaure format! what lab are you guys using?
Anna: OMG. These. Are. Da. Bomb. And Nate, you are OBVIOUSLY in LOVE. This is the first time in awhile I've seen such a long (written) post from this blog :p Enjoy! P/S - And your wife & kids look as gorgeous as always. How is it possible for someone to have it all?!?! ;)
Rensche: your kids are so beautiful and these images are of course as AWESOME as can be!
Doug Boutwell: The best part of color neg is the beautiful way it hangs onto the highlights. Looks like you're digging the square format, too... makes me wanna get the Rollei out.
danielle: i LOVE the one of jasper and grace where jasper looks like he is contemplating something very hard....so great :)
Laura Hana: Beautiful! Looking forward to seeing more of your film work. Are you planning to use it, at least partly, during weddings and portrait sessions?
Fred Egan: Looking good brother :)
evapaul design : SO beautiful. it doesn't hurt that you have the cutest (and best dressed) kids (and wife) I love the color- it feels so much more raw then digital. i'm happy you're living the hassie dream!
angel swanson: beeeautiful, crisp, pure images. you and jac make some beautiful bebes! and jac looks GORG at 730a!!!!