Larry: I want to kick chuck norris in the junk too!
lindsey walker: Ha! More p-in-v. Love it!
Rog: I'm with Chan.
jenny haas: this is hilarious! love it!
Dawn: Best 2010 resolution post Ive seen. = ) I want to jump over the moon too!!!!! Happy 2010!!!
Ruth Damaris: Amazing! Loved them all, very original.
clarissa: this year i will.... ban myself from taking elevators at every chance! imma "walk it out , now walk it out...walk it and now walk it..heeeeeey!" lol
Brittany Fitch: HAHAHA Love the pic of Matt getting scandalous. I met him at a client meeting the other week.
Miz Booshay: funnyfunnyfunny
Alexandra: LOVE this!
marissa moss: hah! thanks for the laugh!
Janna: Whoa. The guy that wants to impregnate his wife could be my brother's identical twin. I did a double take! They even make the same face!
Lauraaaah!: I love this! I love it to death!
Yvette: I refuse to even think about interpreting Chan's.... OH EM GEEEE!!!
Val Mildren: too bad Nate's resolution wasnt to kick chuch norris in the junk and survive...
Blair Van Bussel: LOVE it!!!!
Ashleigh : Ha ha ha, seriously - all you guys rock! That was too cute! Happy New Year and believing in a prosperous year for all of you!
amelialyon: So fun guys! Sad we missed out!
David Nix: "poop in the toilet" Me too!
Kellene w/ bellaluciaphotography: I LOVE this post! Great way to show us up with your awesome New Year's posting! LOL! Have a great 2010!
anda: my favorite 2010 resolutions post yet!!
shannon kelley: ...will love the blog is found even more because they rock!
alec vanderboom: looks like fun. "impregnate my wife" - hah
AmyPunky Photography (Emilie): HAHAHA this is cool!! I love the comment on Michael Norwood's pic! ;)