Penny: The necklace. Goodness, I'm so taken with the emotion in the photos. Precious.
shawn: that shot of your girls in fantastic! i adore it. thanks for sharing your art ;)
carrie: ahh! these are so cute!
MFMG: Looks like you had a great Christmas. Thanks for sharing your super awesome family. You make a great Poppa.
Julie Ann: Wow...this post made me so teary-eyed. I LOVED Annie when I was a kid, and woulda died if I got a locket...and from my Daddy! That shot of you two hugging and smiling made me melt. What a beautiful family you have. I love your family posts. Happy Holidays!
Jeanette: Love the locket! I'd love one of those lenses myself
JOANNATHAN: Where did you get that lens? Santa must have built it because I'm googling everywhere and cannot find it. HELP... The photos are butter, churned with creaminess.
todd scott ballje: so the 1.4 is an old lens? new for you?
Abdul Kalam: this is the first time im commenting but been following you guys for ages now! :) all i can say is... AMAZING!
Wiki Lee: Merry Xmas and happy festive season to you and your family. Really heart the last photo...
Savannah: The last picture makes me feel all happy. :)
marissa moss: love the one of grace in her locked. too sweet. merry christmas
clarissa: So freak'n cute!!! This is why i brag about you guys!
Sophie: Jasper on his tricycle around the house! So fun! I'm looking at Nate and Grace (pic number 4). So sweet! So emotional! I'm looking at Jaclyn and Grace (the last pic). Lovely ladies. So sweet!
ryan christensen: Love the photos! Santa must love you an awful lot... Nate must have been on the extra nice list this year! I love the edge to edge sharpness of this lens. I have been hearing rumors of a possible replacement for this one and up to 8 new lens's to be announced this february. Nikon's track record of new primes hasn't been great as of late so I hope these new lens's will set a new tasty bar!
Alycia: This is the first time I am posting a comment after following your blog for quite some time now. I love your work and adore your family!! Thank you for being such an inspiration! Wishing you and family all the love in the world! Happy holidays!!
Prosens: love 28 F1.4
s h e r r y: These are awesome!! That lens looks pretty fabulous...
jenny haas: i love these pictures! your little girl's freckles are amazing! [I always wished I had freckles] I love the paul frank pajamas too ;) your family is sweet ;)
angie + matt: Hope you guys had the best Christmas ever! Jaclyn only you could look that gorgeous in the morning! I love that picture it is so sweet:)
jenberry: oh man that's a crazy lens. i wish they still made those. what beautiful photos. love love love the last one.
Donna: The photos of Nate and Grace melt my heart..... such a beautiful moment. I love the ones of Grace and Jasper, and Oh how sweet is the one of Grace and Jaclyn!!! Love your photos. As always, thanks for sharing!!
Dad: ditto the previous comments on the last one - perfection!
amelialyon: Too cute! Graces face from the locket you got her is priceless! LOVE YOU GUYS, merry Christmas!
kelly cummings: the last shot is killer. now I have a new lens to lust after. love 'em!
Rachel Perry: Looks like a wonderful Christmas for you guys! I love the last picture!
Gail: BEAUTIFUL shot of your two fave ladies! Also, WHERE did you get your red camera tee? I want one in women's size!! :)
lisak: Such beautiful photos! The last one's a it. So jealous of your new lens... but will push those envious feelings aside and say Merry Christmas anyway! ; )
AmyPunky Photography (Emilie): Beautiful photos!!! The last one just melted my heart! :)
liz: suh-weeeeeet. especially loving the last shot of jaclyn + grace happy new year!!
Brandy Anderson: We have an Annie-obsessed 6 year old here too. I got teary looking at the locket pics, such a sweet idea. Also really love the last image of the girls.