Gabbie: JOWLING!!!
vanessa voth: I just stumbled across your blog today via Jamie Delaine's blog and I love your work. This post actually made me laugh out loud (LOL!!) I love it!
larissa: just purely epic.
rebecca: oh man...this post is glorious! I totally did the "awkwardly loud while I'm actually supposed to be working" laugh. PS- some of these kind of look like zombie portraits...
melanie: i have a friend who does this all the time at parties too - but he calls it "SHAKEFACE" it always seems like a great idea at the time....
Callie: i am laughing out loud right now
ajira: This makes me laugh every time I see it... jowling. LOLESTMOST! I must try this one of these days. It does look like it might incite a headache though! Worth it for this beauties, eh??!!
Phyllis: Jackie is so tiny, she doesn't have any jowls to jowl with!. These are all too funny.
Frannie: Holy crapness! I haven't visited lately and come back to this?! Deelightful. 1) Love Flagstaff, can't wait to move back in about 2 years. 2) Checked out your 2007 Jowling post, and feel compelled to commend you on just how good you guys are getting. Srsly, 2007 was funny, but you outdid yourselves this year. Love!
elizabeth Pellette: WHY?? hahahahahahahahah
Kristen: I tried doing this the other night and woke up feeling like I got hit by a semi!
john pascale: who decided it should be called jowling? What exactly is a jowl?
Rog: Wait! Which one of you were jowling?
jackie : the kids are adorable!!! hahaha. I feel like my face looks like this during savasana during yoga.
Aaron: haha!!.... best pictures ever!
kia: UM, funny. Just plain funny.
ninjaken: AMAZING!!! how come justin's face looks the same jowling as it always does? :)
Courtney: Oh gosh, I can barely breathe! And I bet it's way funnier when you actually KNOW all the participants :)
Feuza: the kids are the best~
tracy genovese robinson: this is the funniest blog post i have ever seen ANYWHERE. i cant stop laughing!!!
JordanK: Hands-down one of the funniest things I've seen in a long time!!
Cathy + David: We just laughed way too loud for way too long at this post and then went back and looked at them all again. Hilariousness!
Misty: Oh my!! I seriously LOL'd. So funny!! Beautiful ladies. he he
Alisha Robertson: Thanks for the laugh... I needed that this am!
Brandi: Okay, this post is waaaayyyy disturbing, but too funny! You must have the funnest friends.
Cameron Ingalls: this is disgusting in a really offensive sort of way. i'm disgustingly offended for all of you. but i love all of you too. the end.
Debbie S: haha!! That's awesome!!
Britt: up here in Oregon... we call this 'Shake Yo Face' and we've been Shakin' ours since Y2K. word up and happy holidays.
AmyPunky Photography (Emilie): ROTFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
CRSTI: is it against copyright law to make angie my screensaver?
s h e r r y: Omigosh, that is JUST too funny. The kids seemed to have fun too!
Blue Satin Sashes: These are fantastic! I love that your subjects were not squeamish about the lack of vanity necessary for such a fun project!
kate: you look like zombies.
kayleen t.: So funny! The very last picture right there in the corner is sooo cute!
Tracy I.: That was just too freakin' hilarious to wake up to! LOL Thanks for sharing. With role models like you guys, the kids will get jowling in no time! :P
karen lisa: that is hilarious. angie wins for sure! love the kids photos too.
The parsons: I have never felt so beautiful and so fugly all at the same time. LOL. That was the raddest!!!!!
josh solar: hah. major fun! I think the Parsons win Jowlfest 2009!
Sarah Neal: REALLY!?? You're in Flagstaff. Dude... tell me you were on the street the other day downtown. I live here and I saw this guy and thought "he looks just like that guy whose blog I follow who takes really amazing pictures....". HMMM... maybe I should trust my eyesight more often! Lucky you- you even got Snowbowl open. Hope you're enjoying this lovely town of ours! :)
Judith marlow: Oh my gosh! So freaking hilarious!!!!! The kids will eventually get it :) looks like a blast!
amelialyon: SO amazing!!! Can't wait to post them on our blog!