drew renner: Jasper is such a little stud! He is growing up so stinkin fast. Cant wait till my little guy gets that big.
J to the b: hehe. Keegan makes the same faces. Hey, will you guys post where you will be this year,......I want to be shot w/my crazy kid but I don't know when I will be back in cali.
Candice {The Beautiful Mess}: too cute. those eyes and cheeks are so sweet!
Lyndzee of EP: So guess what!?! We got Jett that same vest for his birthday so we could take some cute pictures of him....no joke. That's one cute kid.
Julie Cruz: SO cute :) ...and love the wood. Adorable vest. I just bought the same one as part of a b-day present :) I think we have similar taste in kids' clothes because i've seen many pics of Grace wearing things that my little one has too :)
Rog: hey, It's the blog is Rog. I've got that same vest. It's Jett's size but I borrow it all the time.
Emilie: cute, cute, cute! can I have one like him? :)
connieMchung: he really is adorable.
M: I want one too! A Jasper that is!!
Casia Fletcher: He's gonna be a *heartbreaker***...watch out!
clarissa: what! you have a backyard and live in southern Caly!!!? lol ... awesome photos! he has the cutest cheeks!
kim newsom: did he taste goody good?
Tasha: we have this vest. gotta love target
Paul: That's freakin' adorable! Love the t/s in the shots and his expression in the first shot is priceless.
denise bovee: I want to pinch those cheeeeeeeeeks!! ayee aye aye..so cute :)
angie monson: oh he is just cute.
jenny: he's so good, just stands there and pose, practice for his modeling career ?
Adam Cavanagh: Very cute!!
bobbi: he looks EXACTLY like his daddy! :) Love that first one...
Meg: What a cutee!
Kip: D'lish.
Karin Dailey: homeboy's all grown up! adorable!
Jane Hasty: stinkin' cute!
chipgillespie: I like your fence.
s h e r r y: So adorable <3
Katie Neal: He is so adorable. You need to have him model!!!
Alice Patterson: great vest, great fence, and super duper dynamite kid!
Jake: Watch out ladies!!!!
kelli nicole: I want one now too, you were right! Shoot, I have to get married first...I'll work on that.
Curtis Moore: Very very cute!!!
JACKIE WONDERS: *pinchee pinch* man, that IS cute!
Blair Van Bussel: Seriously! So cute!
Jenna Shouldice: you're right. i want one.