Kristal: You were here???? Wow. I hope ya'll had a great time and will come back one day. Louisiana is a beautiful place. :)
LindseYaYa: Welcome to Louisiana, boys. Totally got butterflies when I read the Bayou.title... Nate is *here!?!?!* I thought things felt a little bit cooler the other day... and my awkward urge to add '-gasm' to everything...Hmm. Glad to know it's just the usual *magics* of this place. Hope the food and people treated yall right. It's so cool to see my home through yall's lenses... Beinvenue en Louisiana!
ajira: This was definitely my favourite adventure of yours to see. What an amazingly gorgeous and serene place to visit. Love the shots of it... the clarity and colour really invite you in.
Jon: Loved following this from the UK !
Chookooloonks: Loving following your trip -- looks like you guys are having a stellar time. Next Mammoth Men trip, if you route happens to take you through Houston, look us up. I mean, after all, Houston's home to NASA, which is kind of like Mecca for Mammoth Men, isn't it? Godspeed.