Sol Tamargo: This are the best most funny crazybooth I've ever seen!! Me rio.. JAJAJAJA!!!!! Que divertido!.. Me encanta tu espiritu!
AlexD: O M G!!
Abigail Todd: these are awesome - ive got to coordinate some kinda shoot the next time i have a party.... yall had so much fun!
Brianna Phelan: This is so much fun! I love the boob grab shots :)
Ben Wight (Hitched Studios): Your pictures always remind me how much I love you guys, but these ones make me smile so big my face hurts.
Cathy: Crazy-awesome images! Looks like sooo much fun! :)
Scotty: Fantastic pictures, can't believe I missed your wedding E!!
R. J. Kern: my eyeballs are still on fire. love the bugger pickin' baby shot! not to mention to the on-axis fill lighting work, if that is your magic special lighting potion :)
Daniel Fuentealba: wow! you did a very good job there in the crazybooth! loved the boob grab series xD cheers! -DF-
Maria: I love how out of the box you guys are. Thanks for sharing your creativity!
Michelle Sidles: Wicked Good!! :)
Kisha of Sahra Blue: oh my gosh! all these pics are from the same wedding!!?!??!! it looks like it was a BLAST. i LOVE these pics!
gina amin: Besides frankly just wanting to BE your brain( I bet it's fantastical all up in there :)), I would loooove to just be at a wedding you shoot! Dang those are good.
Anja: Just great pics. I love it!!!!!!
Paco and Betty: You INSPIRE me SO MUCH!
corinne delis: seriously you guys are my all time favorites, so wished I lived in the USA to have pics taken by you but no over the pound, the netherlands is where I'm at, darn :( corinnexxx
MFMG: I was looking at the pic of the family with the little boy offset on the right and I thought to myself, "What a great photobooth family portrait." Then I noticed the little guy had his finger buried to the second knuckle. I laughed so hard I scared myself. Man, this was an epic crowd....
Todd Good: That's some CLASSIC photoboothing!!!!
Laura Siebert: Oh my. The slap sequence and the nose picker are awesome! What a fun crowd.
scott neumyer: crazy = crazy AWESOME!
ohana photographers: hella rad dudeskis! as per yoooz! peace!
candice: love it! just did our first booth last week....not quite as crazy as yours though!
Oh Foy! : Holy smokes! Looks like the guests had a friggin blast - that's awesome to see. P.I.M.P.
josh solar: I don't know who had more or the people in the pictures? Looks like a blast of a party!