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Carl Reid: Props to you "the image is found" and shout out to the Lyons!!!
Lucy M: This is why I want you to photograph my family!!! :-)
shannon litttrell: love this post. your use of lighting is insane!
bronson: great stuff - you Lyons look awesome! Diggin' the location too!
collectiveimages: gorgeous family - so connected - captured so brilliantly :)
Travis: I love the awesome use of light!
Tressa: Crazy out of the box awesomeness! You made something cold and concrete - warm and fuzzy in the hippest way.
amanda: absoultely amazing!
Emily Beaty: Completely awesome!!! Love them.
ken, ninja ken: as always ... you guys capture the incredible in life.
fiona carson: oh these are all amazing. you guys are the total champions at compositions...what a creative eye you both have. you guys are such an inspiration.
wózki dziecice: Nice sky, nice photos.
Vitaliy Prokopets: Your eye is just amazing! I love the composition in your images. What a fun photo session!
tjagi: you are my hero! :)
karin dailey: pic #3 is my fav. love them all (as usual). !!!!
grace shipley: Oh yowza you guys are too much! I can't wait to have kiddos so that you can photograph us. What a beautiful beautiful family!!!!
ash: we are the parsons: these images are the embodiment of awesomeness and attractiveness. SERIOUSLY, you rocked the lyons like a if you could only find deborah's desk...
Becka @Studio222 : We're dress soulmates. I have it in purple. Rock on Amelia! ;)
Sarah Rhoads: yep the lyons are hawtness to THE MAX!!! way to capture such life in this amazing little family.
Debbie S: They are too darn cute!!
Lindseybelle: These are so gorgeous. I love the light!!
Gedas: beautiful family and pictures!
Manon: Love the pictures. Its amazing how much Amelia and Justin have changed from their first session.
angie + matt: Holy Crud! I can't believe it's been that long since you took those family pics! These are cute x's a million! I love the one of Amelia snuggling Hudson:)
yan palmer: oh dear, i have been waiting for these since the lyons blogged about this. i have to admit that no matter how pathetic it makes me feel! worth the wait and more. i'm so not over this.
D. & J. Lyon: Loved the photos of a very lovely family. And no I"m not prejudiced or anything like that. I get the feeling though, that Sloan is only tolerating being photographed.
Macy Robison: They are obviously fantastic pictures and I laughed out loud when I saw the picture of Hudson wearing Justin's glasses. So cute.
Lora Carr: The images are incredible. I, too, love the one of dad and son. Is it just me or does anyone else think that Justin looks like Kevin Spacey? (that is a compliment!)
Kelli Taylor: I want super cool friends like the Lyons....hum...I hope none of my friends see this! :)
Melody@Sweet & Saucy Shop: Probably the cutest family ever! The photos are fabulous!
Lauren: This is ssoooo by my hood!!! Too bad you don't have smell-o-vision!!! haha. Great shoot. Waiting till the daughter is a little older to shoot there. Always great!
Steve Gerrard Photography: Sorry Justin but it's confession time. I have a crush on your wife! Fantabulous photos :)
Michelle Moore: They are TRULY such a great family, and inspiring couple. Love them, love these!! AWESOME!
Ginette : I am inspired by women who can make freckles look so beautiful. Answer = Amelia Lyon. I hate my freckles until I see girls rockin it like she does.
luke & shana: this one!
Tyler Culpepper: Even though I don't know them, I absolutely love them! Great job! I wish I had justins mad style!
paul romero: wow! i checked out the family portraits of the lyons back in guys have come along ways! nice guys pushed the bar higher!
matt + angie sloan!: awesome!
the kelli: These are so freakin' amazing. Super jealous right now...of both the Lyons and you guys!
heather: you are the telephone line loving ninjas! who knew the beauty? love the lyons work, love your work of the lyons!
sean: the lyon clan is awesome! great frames.
Jen@GreenWeddingShoes: wow. these are amazing - and what a cute stylish family the lyons are!
Jeramy: These are great shots of my super rad cousin and his family--nice job. We love stalking your blog and glad to see other fellow photographers that use Nikon!!
Meredith Perdue: SUPER cute family! These are fantastic!
jeremy parsons: Hudson owned this session. Amazingness. The Lyon's are more styling than pretty much anyone I know.
Tonya Peterson: Amelia and Justin are the sweetest people in the whole world. Great pics!
justin + amelia lyon: WOWWWWWW!!! We're sooooo lucky to have you as friends and epic photographic ninjas! You truly captured our family in a way that makes us smile the biggest, happiest grins ever. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! You guys are by far the coolest! You win!
oneshotbeyond: well well well...if those aren't the cutest/coolest set of photos around! Adorable family!
joel serrato films : love these guys! Such a cute family ;)
Lindsey Joy: amazing family, rad photos!!! I'm lovin' the yellow heels!
Mondayphotographer: Don't know which one is greatest.... both familie sessions are fantastic!!! Let me know when you are in Holland some day!!!
Imthiaz Houseman: Love them all! They are soo cute!!
Brianna: Amelia and Justin, you look awesome! These are great photos. You rock :)
Kayleen T. : such a cute family! I like the one where he's wearing his dad's glasses!
bobbi: you're the best photographers I know. I'm blown away by your talent week after week after week. New favorite family session. :)
Will Duris: way too cute...
ohana photographers: the lyons just plain rule!
angel swanson: looooove these!! the lyons are such a stylin' family~ amelia's yellow heels + justin's yellow tie = perfect.