Maxim Photo Studio: Great images. Way to think outside of the box.
Penny: This is a fabulous idea. The hubs and I went Italy trecking two years ago and I wish we would have lugged along a small tripod and done this. So cool!!!!
Betsy, La Vida: freakin' awesome. well done!
fiona carson: oh Venice is my absolute favourite place in the world. I love it! I can't believe you guys can take such good self portraits. amazing.
erwinwijanto: OMG.. I just love the last two images that you guys did.. it's just too Cool...
Mark Leonard: Man, you guys see lines like nobody else. I would love to develop eyes like yours.
Sylwia Szuder: May I be your tripod?... PLEASE?!?!?!
brandy: they do everything together! they are one of the cutest couples I know and SO much in love. nate and jac these pics are FREAKING F A B U L O U S as if I have to tell you that. now I'm going to have to try this tripod/self timer/portrait stuff. ;)
laurence.: god what a hot couple. do ou guys do ur shopping together? i mean the red pants and the blue pants/skirts...u guys bought it together right?
Eric L: to cool for school.
Kia Gregory: Midnight in Venice is CRAZY COOL.
jamie k: that bed shot?! so hot and sexy! :)
stephanie . o: LOVE the 'midnight in venice" one!! The lights look amazing!! What did you do? Longer shutter time? They are amazing!
Emilie: This is sooooooooooo cool!!!! LOVE it!!!
Jennifer: mmmmalicious! I'm blown away. Your work is beyond amazing. The best eva!
Rita: Two words....SHUT UP!!!!! There are not words. I am not worthy.
Heather V: WOW!! That's all I can say about the pictures!
Emily Heizer Photography: The one of you guys in the archways at San Marcos Square... LOL Jaclyn looks just like Grace. Not even a big version of Grace- it's Grace! LOL I know who the Mommy is FO SHO! LOL :)
Gedas: woow, amazing, you guys rock!
The Shipleys: Oh you two are incredibly talented! These pictures are amazing! WE cannot pick a favorite; they are ALL our favorites!
Emily Beaty: You guys are awesome! I love these... what a beautiful place.
Amy Locurto: You make my Italy photos look like crap. Thanks a lot:-) I'm so jealous. Enjoy yourselves!! Eat something yummy for us I Heart Faces girls.
Amber Fox: Ok, so I love the tripod action you guys have going on in all your pictures. I love your work and your photos. While In your Italy, if you have time, I suggest taking some time in Chinco Terra, Umbria, Positano and Sicily (some of my favorites towns I have traveled through). It looks like your'e having a blast!
Becky: Wow!! THese are out of this world, I can't believe you took them with a self-timer! That last shot is RAD!
Charlie Johnson: Just loving the use of the tilt n' shift lenses. You either work out or have a long self timer to get that Ripa Hotel shot.
Joel and Ashley: Love these!! The photos are breathtaking, and they're even more meaningful because we just spent our honeymoon last October in Florence. Thanks for the reminder of how awesome it was!
jeremy parsons: Wow, I REALLY like the one of you guys in bed together. . . ..wait, I uh. . . . this is awkward ;) Miss you two.
:h+: Page does not support Chinese display^_^ Love your work Take a look at every day^_^
:h+: ^8œ"`ì„\Á Ï)ýe ^_^
Kayla: Those are the best self timer portraits I've ever seen! Way to rock it!
bobbi: these are phenomenal. you guys really and truly are the best of the best of the best. I want to hang these on my wall... and be the creepster Image is Found psycho fan, k? k.
Dave Shilling: Holy Moly.. I mean capital MOLY! my socks flew off, mind blew away, all-uh-dat! Midnight in Tuscany is so nice I might get a gallery wrap of it, even though I'm not in the picture.
collectiveimages: You guys are SO connected - love your style - amazing images - blows my mind - the wedding is SO freaking romantic !
janet: you constantly rock my socks off!!!
danielle luecht: you guys have the same face in every pic lol! must be the face of relaxation
matt sloan: i like the scandalous one! LOL!
jen: f'en rad.
jenniferL: love these couple shots!!! italy looks so dreamy. i'd love to see the footage of one of you running to get in place before the photo. :)
Kelli Taylor: Um...these are pretty freaking cool.
Shutter Daddy: Very cool. You weren't afraid someone was going to steal your gear when it was on a different floor of the hotel?
jean smith: really??? all self timers??? these are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Marissa Rodriguez: These are sooooo cool! My husband and I tried to do something similar last year in Cancun but we totally need a do over!
Jen Arthur: These are so awesome! Love, love, love the 5th one (and all the rest). I wish my husband had the patience to do this. He doesn't.
David: Nice shots. The Waldorf pic makes me think you guys may be bringing home a special souvenir from Italy.
Nicole McLaughlin: Stop it!! Your killing me with your awesomeness!!
gracci: best. self. portraits. EVER!
Grace: You guys are cooler that Kool-Aid.
Ashley: Ummm this is one of the coolest things I've ever seen! No more asking random non-photog strangers to take ugly pictures for us! What a great idea.
Ana Gabriela: FREAKING AWESOME!!!!
jamie: seriously the best self timer portraits EVER!!!
Tabitha Blue: You guys totally rock!! These are insane. I'm totally loving them and it looks like your trip was radtastic! Anyone that can take that awesome of pics with a timer and a tripod are my heroes!!
Meredith: My husband and I went to Italy 2 years ago and have lots of pictures of either just he or I. I wish we had thought to take timer self-portraits. These are exquisite!
stephanie: LOVE IT!
wrecklessgirl: in-sanity.
angel swanson: seriously the pinnacle of awesomeness. amazing!!
Katie Beverley: Flippin awesommmmmme!
amelialyon: You guys....LOVE these and you MUST make a book! So glad to have you back:)
Michelle Moore: OMGosh, you guys are hilarious! And Awesome! Hilariously Awesome!
Briony: these are all fantastic! how did you take the last one?
Yolanda: The Waldorf hotel shot is 3000 kinds of hot. You should blow it up big and redecorate your master bedroom around it. And LOVE midnight shot. Just beee-yooo-ti-full.
mika: oh wow these are amazing and so so inspiring! it's great to know photographers can be included in the photograph(ed) fun sometimes, too and the pictures can still be just as awesome!
Tara: These are so tourist in a funky way. I love them!
angie: You guys just took our idea and absolutely perfected it with the Waldorf photo. All of these are great! (Our hotel bed shot..
ohana photographers: the hotness unda the cova = win! glad you guys made it back safe :)
mike argento: sorprendente!
Shannon: That one under the covers is SEX-A! I also love the one taken at midnight! SWEET PICS GUYS!!!!!
Katie: WOW! These blew me away. Amazing! :)
Bethany F Photography: Incredible!
Erin: awesome awesomeness!
Andrea Roberts: These are amazing! I am so inspired! I have been so good at getting pics with my kiddos this year- but terrible at getting pics with my hubby.
joyful weddings and events: love them! So awesome!
heather: luuuuv this goodness.... can I borrow your legs Jackie in those shorts? nate, you've got one hot mama, but of course, you knnoooow that!
kayla :): I heart all of your self-portraits!!! :) such a great idea - makes me want to travel just to do it too! hahaha.
B&W Photography: Great idea and fantastic photos!
rachel darley: are you serious??? Wow, photo nerds indeed... these are so freakin awesome.
Tina Vega: In cred i bile.
karlin connell: these are pictures you will love forever. i spent the summer there last year and i miss it! i'm glad i checked my google reader this morning:)
mJc: Two questions: 1) if these are self-timer shots, how long was the timer set on the last hotel shot where you had to run down a floor? 2) What was the light setup for the Midnight shot? BTW, you two rock the hizzy.
onald: AMAZING pix.. such an inspiration...jaw droppin...crazy bout it.... =]
Kristina: Sweet! love the self portrait in the Tuscany hills.
debbie mayes: absolutely ahmazing! you guys rock my face off ;)
Audrey: you guys are incredible. in.freakin.credible. love love love this!
jamie: you two are seriously INSANE. THIS is why you are my fav!!! i have no idea HOW you do this stuff! AHHHH it kills me~
American Mum: You guys are probably the coolest people ever. Love these.
lyndsay: these are all is so nice to see the two of you together in the same photos!
annie: Wow, the best yet. Really.
Devan: Umm....hotel bed shot=love. I love these.
Alyssa: You guys are sick. Those last two are ridiculous.
Cindy: LOVE the one in the Waldorf suite. Great shots. What a cool album this concept would make!
Chris: The roadside winery pictures are out of this friggin' universe! How'd you enjoy your stop in London?
ellie: gorgeous...Italy + your hotness=awesome.
eadwine: clapclapclapclapclapclapclap!!!