Daniel: I don't usually comment, but these two are so unbearably cute!! Candy sticky! Lovely!
ajira: What a cute-heart... seriously, mother and daughter are gorgeous and their mutual adoration is just everywhere in these images. Beautiful work!
ReamsPhoto: You guys are just flipping awesome! I love the shot of the hands coming around the phone pole-and really, all the rest of them too.
matt sloan: super cute!
nathan michael: love ++
Lightbox Studios: Oh my gosh - these are beautiful. A totally gorgeous mother and daughter - and photos to match. Three words. You. Guys. Rule. or Totally. Awesome. Photos. You decide! Either way, you're an inspiration.
amber dawn: They are SOOOO cute! What a cool and special session! I love what you captured for them. :)
Bree @ The Memory Journalists: What a pair of cuties!
Greer Rivera: You guys need to be nominated for like "the best photographers in the world award" or something! These make me want to have a little girl...RIGHT NOW!
Captured by Jess: I love each and every one of these. Lucky Mama and her beautiful girl...
Megan: What a fabulous mother/dautghter session.....these are so inspirational!
Kayla: These are so sweet!
Abra Michelle: these are so freakin' great. isn't it great to know they are both going to treasure these so much for many years to come?
Becka @ Studio222 Photography: Soooo effing cute!
Jenna: Dang, I could just eat her up. I don't know how you guys do it, but you make everyone, big or small, old or young, look fabulous in front of the camera.
Erin: fun fun fun!
Angie Baxter: Lovey love LOVE
angel swanson: adore to the moon. so so happy, pure, joyful, perfect!!!
Alice Hu: too much cuteness! I love this session.
kayla :): OMG, i just love this set!!!! SUPER DUPER cute!!!!!!
connieMchung: oh em ji. these are so cute i don't know what to do. awesome awesome awesome pictures. these are priceless images both mom and daughter can look back on in a few years.
Melody@Sweet & Saucy Shop: This made me smile all over! What a fabulous shoot!
Marissa Rodriguez: What a great idea for a photo shoot! I wish I had pics of my mom and I at that age! They are lovely and you guys rocked it out! As usual! :)
oneshotbeyond: WHOA...beautiful, fun & happy set!
christel eldrim: OMG! sooo beautiful! in my dreams i'll take the next flight to you with my daughter, so i can have such wonderful pictures myself. i love love love them!!
Marc: These are Gorgeous! I love the emotion you get from them!
Allan: awesome pictures!!
Zelo Photography: way to rock the bright sun! Suh-weeet!
diehard19: i'm so lucky to have a beautiful friend and niece. great photography.
teddybearlover: those images are out of this world. that little girl is such a darling and has the smile that can brighten up and cloudy day!!! these pics are better than a snuggie blacnket on a cold day. toodles...
Emily Beaty: Absolutely adorable!!!
erica: super.duper.cuteness. come to FL and shoot mine??
Shawn Kloster: So much life in these photos! Well done... I love them!
Rebecca: Ok so these are amazing!!!!! So cute and so full of life.
Michele B: I want to hug them both! They are sooo cute together :)
wrecklessgirl: if i had a daughter that stinkin cute, i'd squeeze her guts out too! :) mmm. gorgeous.
chantastic: they should be arrested for possession with intent to distribute - lethal amounts of CUTE!
melissa: i love the pics!! you did awesome work!!! LOVE EM!!! *yay, doing my happy dance*
jv: Super cute kid...and what a beautiful mom. Dad is one lucky man.
johnwaire | photo: wow...this session ROCKS solid!
danielle: dude that little girl is soo stinkin cute :-)
Karrn: Daaannngggg! these are cute, me want!
Karrn: Daaannngggg! these are cute, me want!
Travis Richardson: So cute. I bet they were a treat to work with.
CapnFoos: My teeth hurt, they're so sweet.
bobbi: I love these photos in a "I'm jealous that I don't have photos like this of me with my mom" sort of way. You so rock.
haley lamb: oh my word! my new favorites from you guys