matt sloan: that jumping one is rad!
Lucy M: You make any place look like a great place too shoot! Everything you guys touch is like gold!!! :-)
Bree @ The Memory Journalists: Wow! These are AMAZING! Love the jumping shot!
haley + mike: nate!! they look AMAZING! thanks for the fun shoot! we can't decide which ones we like! tooo many choices! they look EVEN better on the blog. (i can really jump that high-ish)
Alisha: sorry i've been a blogstalker and haven't made a comment, but these are just so beautiful, i couldn't resist!!
Christine (Artemis Clover Photo): oooh very urban chic! love the industrious and sexy feel.
Christine : Yup, you totally rocked and rolled this one!!!!
Amanda Patrice: You are officially ridiculously amazing. You have such a unique perspective and great attention to detail...are you adopting beginning photographers?
Heather Espana: I especially love the shot featuring power lines, because power lines - as I'm sure you know - are a great reminder of man's ability to generate electricity. And you get a gold star if you know what that quote is from.
Shawn: The jump shot is eye-tastic!!! How in the world did you prevent Mike from being distorted at the top of the frame? Please share... Pretty please...
Gedas: You guys rock!
Katrina V: Let me guess... Oceanside... old, abandoned, drive-in movie theater?? I drive by it ever fricken' day! I frankly can't wait for them to tear the thing down. It did make for a fun shoot!
Kayla: I love these! A LOT!
erica: perfection.
Ashley: Holy crap I love this location and even more I love how you used it!!! You guys are amazing.
josiah michael: i'm glad that just happened.
michelle cunningham: how exactly did that jump happen?
Yolanda: I know *exactly* where those were taken (blocks from my house!). You make it look so much more interesting and beautiful than it normally appears.
Krista Photography: that jump shot is insane!!
Nadine: Fantastic. I love the b&w close-up just after the yellow flower shot.
oneshotbeyond: I love the one where they're tiny!
matthew morgan: super dope drive-in shot
Jen Arthur: Re: the jump shot--what kind of trickery is this? These are all rad. I especially love #7 and #8.
bobbi: that jump shot... he wins. :) you so rock. duh-town.
Ricki Ford: Amazing! I love your work!!!! In front of the power lines is my fav..