Jane Photo: Wow, so fun. But that last one just melts me.
Rachel B: How amazing to have so many beautiful photographs of you and your babies!
Faith: This is the most beautiful thing ever!! what a great mother's day post.
nathan michael: last pic = absolutely adorable
Abdul Wafi: Theyre growing up. Congrats to you. May u having a great life. Regards from, Fresh Photographer, Malaysia
Lucy M: OMG....they are all so precious! But the last one is my fave. My youngest is a boy, and I would love to do something like that with him. I love it!!! I'm just eating up your images! Thanks for being such an inspiration :-) I tried my own little rendition of you booth at my last wedding...it was a lot of fun! You guys soooo totally rock my socks!!! Lucy :-)
espressoDOM: that last photo in the set almost broke me in half its so precious... you are my Tony Stark sir continue the awesomeness
Suki: YOu have such a beautiful family!
Farrah Braniff: the last one, WOW...I mean WOW, so very, very lovely.
JEWEL: Ok, I'm mother of seven children from ages 3 to 22 yrs and nearly fell into a puddle of tears looking at that last photo. It took me to that blissful babyhood where everything is so fresh and yummy with a new baby. Now I have no babies, but seeing that picture instantly brought me back. Thank you.
Kelly Decoteau: Nate, this blog post is the best mother's day present ever. Brought a tear to my eye. Gorgeous, beautiful, amazing pictures ... as always.
Jen Slot: the last one is pure perfection.
Kim: of course all the pictures are amazing, but that last one of Jac and Jasper, the expression on her face:pure pure love and contentment.
Julie: Aw. That last picture makes me feel warm and fuzzy all over.
Miz Booshay: To love and be loved. Oh man. I'm all teary. God Bless.
courtney Ortiz: that last photo took my breath away! beautiful!
Dominoe Imus: Umm... sweetest blog post. Eva. :)
Michele B: You have a beautiful family! Happy Mother's Day to Jaclyn :)
elizabeth: what a wonderful and adoring tribute to your wife... and the mother of your children.. the images really capture her as a mom so well so full of love... and this last shot.. OMG amazing.. you are all truly blessed.
christina lemarr: Beautiful post! I looove the last pic...
Jason: Great set. I really love those last two. Jasper is such a cute little dude. And I love how you guys capture Grace's personality...she's beautiful.
connieMchung: omg. that last picture is beautiful.
EedeBee: Wow nice one Nate! Beautiful pics and even more beautiful story!
Natalie Norton: Happy Mother's Day Jac!
richard cao: happy mothers day! truly a cool mom!
katieson: happy mothers day jaclyn!!!!!!!!
Tabitha Blue: She truly is one gorgeous mamma!!
julie c: great mom and just all around great lady!
ginnie: I absolutely adore these!
Alison: adorable:) and that last one is priceless
Rhonda: wow, love that last one.
angel swanson: happy mother's day, jaclyn!! you definitely have to be the coolest mom on the planet. xoxo
laurence.: lovely lovely lovely picturs!
Heather Cole: Happy Mommy's Day Jaclyn. You are an amazing mom and wife. Enjoy your day!
amber dawn: Ahhh...this post made me tear up! I love when a husband is appreciative of their amazing wife! Good job Nate. :) And Jaclyn, may God bless you this year as he continues to guide you as a mother to your wonderful kiddos!
Matt's dad and Molly's dad in-law: you guys totally rock. I love seeing the kidlets in the same attitude as the parental units. Happiness seems to be all over all your faces:>)
David Blakeman: You guys are the greatest.
Leah SImmers: these are darling and so sweet. HTe last one is precious! How sweet and wonderful to have lots of images of you both with the kids, :)
Jamie Delaine: I love your family; and I've never even met ya. How INCREDIBLE that you both got married at such a young age; God has blessed you incredibly! And to be a mom at 19; that takes some amazing strength from up above. :) Moms are incredible. Have a beautiful day Jaclyn!
ohana photographers: happy all up under the covers day mama jac! hope your day is as radtastical as you!
Brian Armstrong: Fantastic post. Happiest of Happy Mother's Day. Congratulations on all of your successes professionally, personally, socially, everythingly! You've touched a lot of lives.
Molly: I love this post. SO sweet. I bet the last one resulted in a little bit of ear slobber...
Stevie: These are all great but that last one took my breath away. What a beautiful moment!
ash: we are the parsons: i concur. jac, you are amazing - how am I so blessed as to have you as a friend, and fellow mother? much love to you today and to your entire beautiful family!!
Tonya: she is stunning...love the last image...beautiful moment forever stuck in time...:)
Rebecca Hansen: what a beautiful mom.
Kelsy Nielson: She really is a beautiful and inspiration Mom! Have a wonderful day Jaclyn! Hope your getting spoiled!
Kelli Taylor: Awww! How sweet! I just LOVE the photos.
mom: Happy Mother's Day, Sweet Daughter!
Anna Kuperberg: Happy Mothers Day Jaclyn :)
eadwine: awwwww. have u hugged ur wife today?