arkadi: absolutely wonderful! I love Gasper and everyone else!
ohana photographers: holy crap jaclyn's face in that last shot made me shoot stuff out my face!
chantastic: elephant seal matin sesh is a must on our trips up north. too much fun!
danielle luecht: hahah that one of jasper and sloan is freakin hilarious! i love jasper's face!!
Wes: My wife and I love Morro Bay!!!! We stayed there a while back... Mrs. Kitty's diner was awesome *not sure if that's the name or not. Love your work!!
Shari: family vacays are the best...especially with friends! your kids are going to thank you for those memories someday!
julie c: pretty much beauty all the way you guys! and jac...i do approve the bangs....hottttttttt!
Tara: Your kids are super cute!! Love all the pics!
lroah: Hilarious - we did this 2 years ago with the kids... good times. Have fun!
Dave Cheung: Awesome Awesome!! Wish we coulda crashed the party ... minus the smells :D
espressoDOM: that lunch sounds like the awesome sauce... and well the photos speak for themselves as usual
Lynsey: More like tired Nate!