Heather Cole: that's like sexual chocolate! Ow ow!
ron storer: excellent
Tonya: gorgeous...never grow tired of stopping in to enjoy some real creativity...
Bryn: OMG!!! These are two of my most favorite images by you guys so far!!! He looks like a vampire in that lighting (I mean that in the HOLY HOT AWESOME sense)!!!! And that bridal shot, is... i'm just gonna chuck my dslr. >.< You guys rule the skool.
Alex Garza: Love the first photo!
Tara: Awesome. LOVE the first one. Rock on...
Scott: Love the photo (lighting/angle/modd/sky) of Chrystal. Is that a tilt-shift lens or just a result of the dof?
nate the blogmaster: chrystal, that is the raddest compliment ever!!!
chrystal walker cienfuegos: ps - had to add...Dalin says he loves his photo because he looks like "a rad evil super villain" :) probably the best compliment ever.
Shawnee: Beautiful! The top one is breath taking!
Christopher: Now that 2nd shot is wicked cool.
Briony: beautiful! and i love the family shot in your header...so so sweet
chatti: jasper is freakin delicious!
chrystal walker cienfuegos: quick like lightening :) i love them, thank you so much nate....good times.
stephanie . o: me encanta...mucho
Gabe : you guys are friggin unreal....love these!!
Doug Boutwell: Great use of light on both - like em...