photocat: very nice crazybooth... Love this one. Love the crazy innocence, if that is a good sentence. They are having so much fun. Spread the joy!
V: I was just going to ask how you get people to do all those crazy things! But, you already put that at the top of the post. You must have some mind blowing power to get people to go nuts in the booth
Kara: your crazy booth is crazy genius! The best booth I've seen. EVER! The last one nearly made me pee my pants.
Big Dave: That was a fun night, those were some sick ideas....Nate and team, I know you know, but you guys are freakin awesome!!!
Ashley: hahaha...the last one is hillarious! I think I laughed for at least 5 minutes. Very creative! Great job as usual!
Tina Smith: FYI everyone...the hand coming out from underneath me is Jenny pic ever!!! I have to get this do we buy it?
The Groom: ....hmmm, so this was all the crazybooth fun I was missing.....I gotta love my friends/family. And my only question is who's hand is that coming out of Tina's....welll....ahem......"woman area"?
Heidi Abbott: you are some geniuses and shoot some pretty witty people! Totally enjoyable photography. Thanks.
rachel darley: who in the world comes up with the ideas?? You or the peeps??? They're soooo incredibly peee-your-pants funny!!!
annie: Best crazybooth yet! And that guy 13th from the bottom isn't so bad looking, nope not at all. ;)
Marzena: Great site.Very funny photos :)
Muriel (Voir Venir): That was awesome. What a great bunch of guests! I love the last shot - just too funny.
denise bovee: that last picture did not just happen!!!! lol
Drew Renner: That has to be the funniest Crazy booth line up I have ever seen. I laughed so freakn hard. You guys are awesome.
ksen :): you guys are able to make people eat flowers.... pretty.darn.AWESOME! love it all, as always. :D keep on rockin it.
hailey: hilarious and crazy... you guys are so original... i have no no idea how u do it!
Brian Lausch: These are awesome, and funniest when slowly scrolled through on your iPhone in landscape mode [especially the image of Paul's head poking through Audrey's dress]. Go ahead and try it, we'll wait...
judith marlow: NNNAAAAATTTTEEEE!!!!!!!!! im going ot hurt you on thursday!!!!! you SUCK! haha...flipping awesome though. good job otherwise!
Shelia Stone: OMG that last one made milk come through my nose! Too freakin funny!
Abra Morris: Loving this! One of the best photobooths ever.
James Grissom: HAHAHA!!!! Tina and Phil!! You guys are hilarious!!
Steven Taylor: The photo of the girl with the big brown whatever it is is pretty upsetting. Anyway... Jory showed me your blog. Love it!
Jory Cordy: WTF IS THAT!? Chair leg, Pepper grinding wand? whatever it is, it is disturbing and awesome.
chantastic: wow. these are AMAZING! i had no idea all that fun was taking place while i was finding places to take the ring shots ;)
Oleksandr Photography: Amazing shots! very funny!
carrie@urbanbaby: OMG, these are the BEST crazybooth pic's EVER!!!!! not only are your church peeps hot, i've noticed they all have great hair. and...dear girl in the 4th pic down, please tell me where you got your dress :). please?
Lindsay: Oh my word. That last one! Fantastic.
Michele B: Bawahahahahha! Those are some of the craziest silliest pictures ever!! Trying to control my laughing here at work :P
laura g: LOVE it! such a great idea. and the ideas seem endless! wow
briana: yeh, so i am deciding if i am a lil violated, maybe, or way impressed, definately, about the last one, awesome job guys!
haley lamb: oh my goodness, i about peed in my pants on that last one!!
Erin Hill: oh my goodness these are hilarious!
Nessa Kessinger: I love these -- they're so expressive! The trench coat flashing is definitely one of my favorites, though! Haha
Daniel: The last one made me laugh uncomfortably..... You guys are the best.
Catie Ronquillo: Freakin awesome! I'm still laughing :) You're crazybooth are mos def crazy! Love it!
Phat Photographer: This is awesome!!! Tough to tell who has more fun in these, you, the people in the pictures or us readers.
Rowell Dionicio: Such a crazy bunch! My favorite are the two girls where one is opening up her jacket to her haha. Fun fun!
rhadenie: it's CRAZYBOOTH and delivery room...AWESOME!
courtney: That last one is Hilarious. Disturbing..kinda. but HILARIOUS!!!! :) Great pics as always!
karla: holy cow - that last one made me split a gut!
Katie Slater: The pregnant lady shot is by far THE funniest shot I have seen in AGES!!!!! Awesome stuff guys!!!!!!
Lynn Michelle: I just peed myself after seeing the last one. Hilarity.
josh solar: always love your crazybooths! That last shot is too, too wrong and funny in so many ways!
Rich Mattingly: sick set, man...the one with the pregnant lady is hysterical...