april greer: dude you guys totallly nailed the solar family vibe. they are the funniest most energetic people ever. Even tho I've only met josh, i'm sure his wife is even more funny than he! LOVE THESE PHOTOS!!! Go solar family!
acidsulfurik: owwhwowww.. ur potraiture series are all awesome sis! ive been visiting to ur blog since 2008 and i believe im one of ur fans! ahahaha!! thats cool!
gina @kiwistreetstudios: what can i say that hasn't been said! but i have too...because my eyes are wide and my mouth is going....WOWWWWW! simply unforgettable! what lense let you capture the amazon palm? did i mention WOW!
lorena: uGH, HOOOOWWWW ???? these are so good!!! If I promise to take one of your shoot shops one day when i can afford it, can you tell me (now) how you get your colors so perfect? I love their skin tones...... pleeeasse??
Eric Bakken: So Inspiring. Your portraits will never be mistaken in the wide world of portraiture
anne: oh i love you guys.. your are fantastic. love the family shots!
Shelby : Such COOL family photos. Wow
kpeck: love love love!! i always love it when you share portrait sessions!!!!
Sarah Rhoads: awww the Solars!! :) Greatest people ever. Awesome way to capture them.
Daniel Lanton: Love the second to last.. Looks like they had a blast. Your use of perspective is second to none
Kevin Le Vu: Wow!!! These photos are so unique!!! Lovin the first one!
Karen: I adore your photographs! They're so creative. I'm sad I didn't know about your site until just a few minutes ago, but glad to have found it nevertheless.
rachel darley: oh yay! the solar family rocks!! their kids are sooooo heart-wrenchingly cute and adorable! great pics of the family! the nose pick pic...awesome. Ava will looooove that when she grows up...=)
april bodenburg: so - like some others, i've been a long-time blog-stalker of yours - but for the first time, I'm finally "outing" myself. These photos invoke such EMOTION!! LOVE the goofy faces, LOVE LOVE the "mad love" hugging photo...the palm tree!? AMAAYYZING. What can I say? You inspire me! You keep me coming back for more!!
dave: awesome. i love this session, and can't wait to see them on the wall. My fav is the hug. Eva's hair is very cute.
lauren c. - openField.: fun stuff. : )
Christopher: These rock. I love them. They are not only good shots, you can feel the fun in them.
Priscilla Gragg: I love your portraits! It looks like they had so much fun ! Thanks for sharing!
casey + aric: your family sessions are my FAVORITE!!!! When we finally grow up and have a family- we're coming to So Cal for you to take our pictures too!! LOVE them!!
suzanne thorsen: hey guys -- these pictures are amazing! i check your blog frequently (what can i say, you seem like such a cool bunch) and never say anything but i had to speak up this time. great work!
courtney ortiz: that truly was awesome! Do you have alot lined up for your trip to MIA?
kribss: man those are wickedly awesome!
Meg: LOVE!
Melissa Koehler: SOOO awesome. What an adorable family. That tree shot is killa!!
stikman: I truly trip out at your images....you take boring everyday locations and make for some special images, that is the true art of photography. It's a shame they don't sell that at BH.
claire: I have been waiting to see this post for all of my life!!!! The Solars are such wonderful photographers and amazing people! You captured them PERFECTLY!
billykidd: i've been stalking your blog for years...thought it was time to let you know how obsessed i am with your work. how do you get people to look so natural and fun?!!! love it!
bobbi: You=Creative Genius. The Solars=Amazing. Me=Jealous.
Drew Van Horn: These are awesome! The Solars look great, and I know they're super pumped to get that huge stand out for their wall. It had better be there next tie I come over guys! Great job guys!
max solar: That's the biggest palm tree EVER!!!!!!
D.J. Ellis: Love 'em....and love the Solars.
wrecklessgirl: YESSSSS! SOLAR LOVIN!!!! I <3<3<3 the solars. josh and i are musicalsoulsiblings!!! yay for kansas city, too. FACT: there are more great people in kansas city than any other place in the world. except maybe oregon.
chris: LOVE that first shot, gorgeous family!
Christine May: I would so totally make that nose-picking, mouth-stretching picture a 40x30 in my house! I love shots like that. How would you like to walk into someone's house and that be the first thing you see?! That would be a huge ice-breaker.
Herzeleyd: Lovely, excellent work, congrats ;) Greetings
jen: what an amazing combo - love your work AND love the Solar Family! AMAZING shots to be cherished FOREVER! AWESOME!
Kelley Walker Chance: too cute! kaisers, you rock (duh) and of course the solars are fab - way to look like supermodels you guys! :-)
angie: I would make all of those ginormous on my wall, they are soooooooo flipping adorabale!
Brian Lausch: Awesome! Love the sky and expressions in the shot of Josh and his son!
Jason Domingues: WOW...Josh these are awesome! Nate your camera takes great pictures! ;) Great session Nate and Jac I know Josh and Jenny are beaming right now!
todd scott ballje: awesome shoot dude LOVE the tall palm shot
we are the parsons: YAYYYYY!!! :) So fun to see you having your way with our friends...um... you know, with your camera. :) Great job, you captured them all perfectly!
josh solar: Forgot to add that the nosepicking one, regardless of what jenny says, is gonna be a big one on the wall!!!
jac: soooo perfect. love love love love love the palm tree shot. such a happy family!
josh solar: Nate...thanks soooooooooo much for all these amazing images....you truly are the best!!!!!
sarah smith photography: wow....these are so fun! Love them!
Kyle Perison: way too much amazing for my eyeballs!
Heather Cole: WHAMMY! Love these soooo much. :)