Jerzy Modrak: You guys are hilarious! I love your site, the balloons, the pictures and most of all, your sense of humor. I guess you wouldn't like to share some of it (sense of humor) with me, eh? Hugs to Jasper on his birthday soon from our Jeremi, 8 months old. Keep up, Jerzy
Lisa: OH! I love Cindy and Daniel! Do we get to see more?? amazing!
Navy Sou: The COOLEST thing EVER!!!!
Briony: These are ridonkculous! I love em...great job :)
Briony: These are ridonkculous! I love em...great job :)
Anika London: Awesome shots as always! I bet Cindy & Daniel had an awesome time with you guys!
kimi b: ooh, when you get through to me, your work is always new to me, my double vision gets the best of me... did i just go there? yes, yes i did. are you hatin that you went there with me? yes, yes you are ;) kaiser always fun up in this piece!
ashley parsons: totally brill :) love em!
Lauren Bingham: I know y'all know the people who do Yo Gabba Gabba and Grace watches it, etc. So I thought that you might find it interesting that a pretty famous blogger, Heather Armstrong, used her daughters love of yo Gabba Gabba as a "daily photo" entry. :) Here is the link:
Tracy & Tony: Seriously...I'm speechless...un-freakin-believeable!!!!
AlexDPhotography: Everytime I come here you guys inspire me more and more :)
Cameron Ingalls: who are you?!... I must know!
Renaissance Ken: AWESOMENESS. So you guys can shoot ... but can you karaoke?!
Rosie Parsons: These are amazing! You guys have such great imagination!!
anne: sooooooooooooo cooool!
Lindsay: Too freaking rad! You guys are a.m.a.z.i.n.g but you already know that. :)
Scott Roeben: I first saw this kind of shot on your site, and recently gave it a go. Very pleased with the results. I guess one of the secrets is to use glasses with a strong prescription. (My reading glasses won't work.) Thanks for the inspiration, which is kind of a way of saying, "Hey, uh, thanks for making me look much better than I really am." Here's the pic:
jennifer Slot: You two are insanely talented. I wanted to let you know in case no one has told you today. :) Jen.
Chris Taylor: Pure genius! I wouldn't expect anything less from you!
Julie Cruz: YAY Cindy and Daniel!!!! :) RAD shots as always Kaiser!
josh solar: way to use all your tools! I can't wait to see my family through your eyes...thanks for all of your patience!
dream photography: you guys are the coolest and have the best ideas....... keep on inspiring!
Amber Hughes: Are you flipping kidding me?!?! Such an awesome pair of shots... can't wait to see the rest!
Jake + Jess: LOL. Hey Nate was one of your new years resolutions to see how many EEEE's you can use in blog titles in 2009? Great stuff dude!!
Bobby Earle: AWESOME! Daniel and Cindy are the best :)
erica sergio: get out of town. awesome.
Brian Lausch: My eye-ceps are like wicked pumped right now!
Michelle Moore: That's pretty wild!!
lynnkaichao: cindy wow! pleasant seeing you guys featured here haha
Chris Jernigan: WHAM.MEE is right. My god, could you possibly rock anymore than you already do?
Cindy: Dang you're fast! These are awesome!! :)
laura-dolcepics: That's so original and cool! Love the processing too.
James Christianson: one word...WHAMMY!!!
grissmcgrissom: WOAH!!!!!
Paul Kestel: Great use of your specs!