judith marlow: haha...that crazy little girl is awesome!!!!!! i love it! id be scared of her too...
Julie Weisberg: I wouldn't want to run into that little girl in a dark alley way! That image is crazybooth amazing! Award winning! It should be published in a magazine! These are great. I feel your fun free flying spirit in everything you do.
Kat @ Rock n Roll Bride: I liove this photobooth! I've added it to my website i hope you don't mind http://www.rocknrollbride.com/?p=1580
porter: little girl looking ready to kick someone's butt = freakin' priceless
eric langlois: that little girl could definitely steal my wallet...
Yong How: The lil girl's shot is priceless! This is the best set of crazy booth pics I've seen from you! ;)
jessica peterson: i would pay good money for a lil girl that badass! i nearly feel outta my seat! love it!
Frank DiMeo: Very Niiiiiiiicce! Love these!
ali smith: you made me spit coffee on my keyboard this time!
rose: the pic of the little girl ready to give you a beatdown made me laugh out loud! love them all as always.
Troy Schneider: That little girl looked like she was going to make you eat a fist sandwich! Awesome!
ricki ford: These are really coooool! I can't wait to try it our next wedding. Thanks for sharing how you do it.
griss: hey wait.... i look more tan in the plate reflections... is there any way you can reverse that via photoshop??
RichM: Like your work. Thanks for capturing ours killer pose. ;)
ardean: uh - super fantastic awesomely crazy photos! love it!
Kevin Le Vu: Man, i like how you think of most unique ideas and put it to work! Nice work
Lucy M: You soooooo rock!!!!! Keep up the fantastic Nate!!!
Amy Clifton: Tooooo fun! I want an invite to this wedding! The $$ shot is, well, money, and you'd better believe I would eat whatever the f that chef suggested.
Rikka: My letter to Santa asked for you two to be delivered in a big red bow to my house...with two cute little kids in tow...I have tried REALLY hard to be good this year...cmon Santa! I need me some Kaiser's for christmas !!!! LOVE your work!
Charlie: Tooo Coool you two! Are you going to WPPI, I would love to meet you folks.
John: That money shot rocks
joyful weddings and events: love all of these! That little girl is amazing and the ones of Anna and Angel are hilarious!
Lucy: I am in love with your blog...I just found this blog recently...I love the one of the little girl and her dad!
Nadine: God knows I love all your work, but your crazybooth shoots are always exceptional. I'm on the other side of the world and it feels like I was there!
emily: wow. that little tough girl picture is simply amazing. that is the greatest face ever!!!! =)
ricky cao: thanks for making our crazy party even crazier with the booth!! it was awesome.. thank you again for the great time...
Peter Cao: I don't remember the tp part at all!!!! How much toilet paper did I eat??
Tran Han (Cao): love these!!!! you guys are awesome. i love the one of my grandma holding the flowers she has no idea what is going on!!!! hahahah!!!! i want more crazybooth!!!
stephanie . o: these are amazing-tastic!! i heart your crazybooth pix!! i am totally going to buy the manual soon!
erica sergio: omg, i love the "do the happy dance" one. funny funny.
shain: MAKE IT RAIN!!!! That was genius!!! Love it!
rik andes: little girl throwin' down some mad bruce lee kung fu ftw!!
angel swanson: oh man, why do you guys rock so hard?? ;-) i like how it looks like i got punched in my right eye in the mummy pics. anna, on the other hand, looks smokin' making it rain. haha can't wait to see you two again soon!
anna brewer: hahahah! i love the crazybooth! and i love theimageisfound!! you guys are awesome! ps. pretty sure i put the P-I-M-P in big pimpin'! :) cheers!
Paula & Rick: You guys are so creative, this is AWESOME!
Gabi: ha ha ha!!! was that a cardboard sign of the bride and groom saying "wedding this way"?....... just Hilarious
Brian Lausch: AWESOME!
Jennifer: The little girl who was going to kick your booty OWNS ME! Awesome Crazybooth - as always. Cheers!
ohana photographers: parfait!!!!!!!!