canvas print: wow your photos are so much fun. really well taken to.
stephanie . o: these are awesome! i was wondering what that blue thing on your camera is...i am just begining to start looking into going to school for photography..and i've never seen that before... thanks!
Scott: Awesome crazybooth shots...brightened up my day! Yet another reason I love our church!!
Hazel Q: I'm a total blog stalker - but I've just gotta say I always love your crazybooths. This one is really freakin' spectacular though! You rock!
LaRae Lobdell: OMG this picture of the two of you is freaking adorable!
Breezy: You guys are the coolest people ever! The crazybooth just keeps getting better and better!
laura-dolcepics: These are so awesome!
Alvin: !wonderfuL =)
kayla :): YAY for the crAzybooth!!! :) I can't wait to hear more about the set's my all time favorite thing you guys do.
Pascal: I love the concept, way to go!
michelle cunningham: awesome as usual you guys! i love the "masked lips". hahahah! and i'm ridiculously envious of james. say... if he disappears... can i be your intern?
david baxter: i'm posting before kimi. how rad is that? not nearly as rad as this booth session. good times with good peeps. that's what it's all about. lovin the 4 door ferrari.
Melissa Anthony: Nate and Jaclyn, you are phenomenal!! Much props to you. We love you at CCC. Thanks for all that you do!!! :)
judith marlow: haha...totally didnt see the comment you made about your protective clothing when you come to the offices because i radiate awesomeness...haha.. you know why i wear those glasses? to protect my eyes from your flippin amazing pictures you edit...
michele: wahoo... CCC rocks! A+ fun times had by all!
Matt Hubbard: That CB is blowing up! Now I know what all the hype was about! You're right some good looking peeps...or did you shop then to be that good loookin' =)
judith marlow: YYYEEEAAAHHHH!!!!!! such a sick night....but no intern group shot? i l-o-v-e it!!!!! you guys are seriously the bomb diggity!!!
rik andes: did i seriously just read that you were going to be giving us at least some of the skinny behind that wild contraption known as the crazybooth?! is it okay if i don't sleep until then?
julie: we DO have hands down have the raddest church that ever does exist on this planet. you all look amazing. bummed we couldn't be in two places at one time, BUT watch out next time. way to rock it folks!
Ann : Totally didn't know that ya'll were part of CCC?! So cool. Remember Shoreline CC, that met in the Boys & Girls' Club there in the same parking lot for several years? Yep, my church!
Leanne: You guys just simply R O C K!
Nate: I always love the Crazybooths, but this one put me in an extra good mood! So, ya know...thanks! :)
Rene: That was so much fun!!! CCC san diego rocks!!!
Karin Dailey: Man o man, do I love you guys.
Robin: this serie is amazing! love every frame...very creative! cheer...
Nadine: I always lovelovelove your crazybooth shots! Can't wait for the big behind-the-scenes reveal . .
yvette: I feel particularly cool today!!!! You guys SERIOUSLY ROCK!!!!
Christopher Vaughn: Yoooouuuuu guys!!!! Also so inspiring! Thank you!
rachel: ummm...did i really get in the photo booth that many times????