Catey: I hope they blew up the last image on a wall size gallery wrap. It's amazing!
benj haisch: that last photo + huge canvas print = amazing.
Jennifer Bowen: I love this shoot. You guys really are very inspirational. So many beautiful shots. Max is a stud. You are right!
tara: LOVE your take on families-must have you do us soon.
Sue Schuller: they are all beautiful - the single of Max is great and the last shot is fab!!!
Rashim: umm. wow. you guys are inspirational!
Tyson Brown: Hey - I need to borrow your stilts... Love that last shot!
Jen VanSuydam: The last shot... So amazing. I love everything about it.
Sam Pearce: #6 made me cry...... that is just..beautiful. and yes, oh wow to that last shot!
michelle cunningham: i love the shot from between his feet. love it love it love it
Stefanie Warren: So I tried to dissect from the previous images, where you could possibly be standing when you took this last image. You must be on the pier (it's visible in the far right corner of the first image). I love this family and the way you captured them!
anita : when did you grow wings??? ;) amazing! inspiring!
gina g : Rad.
Anna Kuperberg: Freaking awesome, Nate and Jac!
Melissa: These shots are just awesome!! Great work!
Cyndi: I get endless inspiration from you guys. Seriously, how in the world do you contain all that creativity?! Such great, original work! :)
erin vega: how did you get so high for that last one?? it ROCKS. love the 5th one down as well!!! your brain blows my mind.
michelle: OH MY JESUS! LOVED LOVE LOVED this session. Stop it.
jess@studio3z: oh my dear goodness....that last image is beyond words. CANVAS, hell yeah. love this session to pieces.
yunna: oh WOW on that last shot. You gone done it again! :D Gorgeousness~
John: All of these are freaking amazing, but you're absolutely right about that last one. Flippin fantastic!
kribss: all your images are amazing but that last one- it took my breath away!!
Briony: these are absolutely beautiful! i love the last two a heck of a lot...i'd put them both on a gigantor canvas.
Eric: a giganticizer is definitely needed for the last one. amazing.
lyndsay stradtner: wow - i can't even begin to imagine how you shot that last
chris: Nice! Love the pic of him on the bleahers, looks like a cool and unselfconscious kid. Go MAX!
Aaron Hardin: That last image is incredible. And it does need to be on a huge canvas. Excellent work.
Tori Clements: I loooove freckles!!!
Tim in Austin: Way to work that T&S lens. very NICE! agreed on the big blowup of the last image. Be sure to post a shot when the thing is mounted on the wall. :)
Keith Diehl: Wow! Seriously, your a genius with that camera thingy. Thanks again, as always!
Sir David Esquire: AMAZING WORK!! Absolutely breathtaking and from totally dynamic perspectives along with smart usage of lenses. Very inspiring indeed - cheers! David Esquire Esquire Photography
kimi b: pure awesome as always!!!
Cory Ann Ellis: I really love this entire series. Fabulous job. While I love large prints I often don't think the right ones are chosen. This last image with be huge in my home. Huge being a minimum of 40" on it's shortest side. Wonderful feel and perfect to go big. CA
Jamie Delaine: stink! that last shot is AMAZING.
Lindy: ummm wow!! I'm going to have to agree on that last shot. It's needs to be blown up and put on canvas :)