Joe Federer Photography: Awesomeness... How do you guys bust our people literally disrobing in the middle of the reception -- I just can't fathom the set of circumstances that brings that about. Awesome awesome work... inspiring.
Aunt Barb & Richard: Weddings these days are sure a lot more fun than in days of yore.
AM: are they really that fun or it's just that you're really that good! ngeee.
Busby SEO Test: nice stuff, good picture
Pat: Great set of fun picture :-)
Julie: These are the best!!
Bridget: holy crap - this is a riot. thanks for adding fun and HILARIOUS pics. I was hoping there would be one more with the guy totally nude. hahah.
Tracy & Tony: What a great group of people! This reception must have been loco!!
eblinn: your blog is already my favorite blog ever... but this is the best... just love it. the creativity, the fun!!! laughing as i post.
Trae Watlington: Nate - I've been following your amazing work for a little over a year now, but never had a good 'comment' to leave...until now. I work for a branding/graphic design agency in New York City where Captain Morgan is one of my clients. When I saw the "got a lil' capt'n in you" shot...I about lost it. Needless to say, I forwarded this on to my client to which the response was "this is THE BEST representation of the pose I've ever seen." So on behalf of my client and I...thank you for keeping the pose alive! Keep up the great work. You've been blessed with a gift and it is such a inspiration to see you using it to it's greatest ability.
susan: ya know....i think the jewish community missed the mark by not adding a beer bottle to the yamaka! ;)
Larry Reeves: I love the creativity! You guys are awesome...thanks for the entertainment and inspiration!!
irene: i really like your crazybooth photos! will u be posting how to setup these booth? the result is awesome!
Craig: Awesome!!! When are you going to tell us about the switch back to Nikon? I'm considering the same thing.
Cammeron Kaiser: I think it is so great that you can get these people to have so much fun and just be crazy in the crazy booth. 'Round these parts when you suggest something crazy they look at you like they want to club you!
benna: Three boys apple shot is my favorite! Can you share some behind the scene photos of the crazybooth? how does it work? do you setup the booth at the reception area where guests just comes into the set to take photos? Can you share what lens you had used for these shots?
Tina Wilson: You guys are coo coo for cocoa puffs!
WhiteSmoke : WoW!!! Love IT! Great session!
Bradley Spitzer: Are you using a big piece of white foam core for the backdrop?
kpeck: BEST ONE EVER!!!!!! fyi: i totally admire your social skills with the guests :)
Jessi: People are really stepping up their photobooth game...I love it!
Dorian Naveh: What a party! I vaguely remember a booth with bright lights that someone dragged me into. Glad they did! Best and most creative wedding pix I've ever seen! Thanks to the Malkus/Glass clan for the fantastic event as well as the "lively" attendees for the fun!
todd: Not to totally steam the idea from you but I want to set one of these up at the next party so bad!
Anne: WOW!!! i can not imagin what you guys do to get people to do all this... hands down.. are there drugs involved?? just kiddin!! you guys are amazing!!! if i would just have 10% of your talent, i would be an amazing photographer. you guys are by far my absolute number one!!!!! anne
Sherri: wowsa..that's all I can say!
kendra: I do hope the apples "Mr. Hanes" used aren't the same apples used in the other photos. Love Crazybooth days!
kevin layton: WOW! X-rated is just right around the corner.
anna brewer: your welcome for capturing that bubble-icious picture. :) i had SO much fun last weekend. as always with the two of you.
deb schwedhelm photography: you guys have so much fun...i want to get married again so you two can shoot my wedding. do you think renewing my vows at 6 years is too early? hope to meet you someday!
Nick: That's nuts man! Haha....nuts.
angel swanson: looooooooove these!!! the crazybooth is always SO Much fun. ;-) you guys are superstars for blogging them so quickly. you know it was the first thing i checked this morning...
Karen Cupcake: gigglin. Im just sitting here in the quiet of my house this morning gigglin! That one with the blue dress and the dude on her back. snort! the "grace would have exploded" comment. Totally saw that in my head. hehehehehe! Love this stuff!!!!! Love You guys!
Elizabeth: You are fantastic!! I just discover your work this weekend, and im in love with it. Congratulations!! Is very funny and original.
kribss: now thats SUPER HOT!
Marta Potoczek: Oh man- you rocked it as usual! How in the world do you make people undress during reception???? ;) Can't wait for more info on your new nikon gear...please please ;) M.
chantastic: wow! now that's a wedding! these are AAAAmazing! ( and i'm pretty sure i'm wearing those exact same boxer briefs right now )
Owen Law: Very cool, I concur a video post on this would be amazing.
Dori Boone-Costantino: Ok, you've got to fill us in on how you guys get these people to be so, well, crazy. Is it drugs? alcohol? lots of sugar??? - the girl who bought your mac book :0)
jen berry: seriously STOP. you guys are ridiculously awesome!!! double Mark's WOW
clint: love it.....
julie: i believe these folks may have put the CRAZY in CRAZYBOOTH! personally i like grey boxer man's sock lines...classic!
stephanie . o: these are so amazingly awesome! angel swanson seems to do some pretty amazing weddings! did you guys shoot these with the nikons?
Dennis: Oh my gosh those guys were crazy! No Fear!
cyn: wow...crazy fun!
Matt Dorroh: You guys are awesome! I LOVE looking at your blog and your images.... such an inspiration and so much fun!
Heather Espana: LOVE! Hey, you guys should film the CRAZYBOOTH process sometime and do a video post - that would be rad.
kimi b: how do i love thee!! that pic of you and jac look like little kids in a candy store! i love it!!
betsy: AHHHH! AWESOME!!! THat dog IS the cutest thing ever. Your home NEEDS one JUST like it. As always, you amaze me.
sara: total awesomness
stacie malkus!: i'm supposed to be catching up on sleep now, but i had to come online first. nate & jac, you two were AMAZING last night. these photos are absolutely fantastic. i can't stop smiling at these and can't wait to see the rest of the pics. got to get to the honeymoon packing!! talk to you when i return. thank you again for everything!!!!!!!!!!!
millie holloman: Hey Nate! I LOVE your crazybooth images and I am curious as to what type of light set up you use. Would you mind sharing?
rachel: whoa that chick is flexible.
Yvette: Yeah... that looks like a party where I would have fit right in!
Mark Brooke: UMMMM..... WOW!