Larry Reeves: Lovin' it, lovin' it! Greay work. I love the style!
nichole: love them... I am so happy to have found you!
Heather Kincaid: I'm so glad I got to see this shoot take place! It's amazing to see you work a location and then process the images to complete your vision. Thanks for an awesome Shootshop and all the knowledge! You rock.
rcjones: Seriously, that power line/shadow shot is incredible. Niiiiiicely done amigos.
Devon: How crazy! I clearly read too many scrapbook magazines because I knew right away that was Jamie W, the famous scrapbooker. LOL! Great shots, your blog is amazing!!
Amy in SC: Holy shnikeys! That pic with the power line and shadow is ridiculous.
tara Whitney: jamie and chris are so lucky to be your shootshop models! you are so rockin. hope we can meet someday. canon/ dont matta....its all you boyeee.
corinne: I love chris and Jamie as persons and you so captured how they are, love all the shots!!!! corinnexxx
Sande Krieger: You guys are the perfect subject matter! Like Jess said..."smokin' hot!" The shots are so creative and fun!
Luke: you're using Nikon again? what gives?!
Brooke: I love all the leading lines.
Jessi: Love these photos - they are awesome!!!.....but love the people in them even more! You guys are smokin hot!
josh mccullock: go team nikon! welcome back ye prodigals!
jamie waters: oh wow. i totally got some height on that jumping pic. who isn't athletic??? LOL nate you are so amazing. love them all. so worth wearing the arctic sweater in the heat. thank you so so very much.
josh solar: I knew you'd be back to Nikon before to long! Awesome stuff as always.
jackie wonders: um, that insane leading line shot is A.MA.ZING. i'm so inspired to work with shadows more and more!
chelsey: did i miss out on the nikon switch back explanation? as a nikon shooter... i've been waiting for it!!
kayla :): i thought you just shot canon! :)
Mark brooke: p.s. these make me want to smash all my canon gear!
Mark Brooke: RAD!!! you never cease to amaze!!!!!
kimi b: doesn't really matter what you guys shoot with. it's you baby!
Michelle: Hey I recognize them!! GREAT GREAT pictures!!! Wonder if Jamie will scrap them...can't wait to see those pages!!!
Rachel: gorgeous couple inside and out...these pictures are so fabulous!
Lisa: Jamie, you and Chris look amazing in these!! A gazillion (ha!) years together, and you can totally feel the love. I adore the one of you jumping, you tiny thing you! Definitely my fave. Nate and Jac - fabuloso per usual!
Meg: Yey for Heather!!! :) ... and as always, awesome awesome work... love those dyptics