Tracy & Tony: I laughed out loud for each picture! This group definitely gets the GOLD! These crazy booths bring out the wild in everyone. Great shoot!!!
Rachel B.: Please let me offer you a high five. I love these. My wedding was like watching paint dry in comparison to these pics. Hmmm... now how can I get people at the weddings I shoot to be this fun?
Nattnee: I LOVE THESE!!! They look so fun and amazing!!! =)
Carl: This is too hilarious...I had to add this link to my blog.
Katrina James: BRILLIANT!!! too freeking funny!
Phil Thornton: You guys are seriously my new heroes. That last photo booth shot is an award winner. The girl on the left is PRICELESS! I hope to run into you guys one day so I can shake your hand for that one!
Beth: So-- I guess the happy ending shot really concluded that happy occasion huh?? LOL Hilarious, funky, amazingly candid style -- They rock!
Luvlee: I choked a little when i laughed..
Russell and Jayme Elsevier: Love the Crazy Booth!
amelialyon: WOW! That's all I have to say!!! You guys have BALLZ! every shot is SICK to the max! Offcially jealous!
Jen Kroll: Coming out of the woodwork for this one!! Absolutely amazing. All of them.
olesya: these are absolutely hilarious! what a fun crew!!
Kristin: These are seriously some of the funniest pictures I have ever seen. They looked like so much fun!
Kristen Holly: Omigosh!!! I just spent WAY too much time going through these. They're hilarious! And awesome!! :) Okay, back to boring ol' day job...
Staci Mikelle: These are so fun! I saw that you bought another Point and shoot camera on your twitter....what model did you get and do you like it?
Ryel j: Crazy crazy booth rock my world again!!
Eric : The blonde looks like she may have done that before..... ;-)
Jason: Master! Can you teach me some Kung Fu?
Tisha: Hysterical!!!!
emily: set up reminds me of ryan seamus! very creative :)
jill: those are awesome!!! love the 'dead face' pictures. my brother and i always do 'dead face'. love it!! that last shot is insanely brilliant!
lauren slusher: solid gold. and your face in the second-to-last photo made me laugh out loud. (i think it's the posture.) how do you guys manage to constantly outdo yourselves?
April Do: These shots are so CRAZY! I love them. They bring back some crazy memories...
Mike Toole: I love the Crazy booth shot's you guys are so creative, I am sooooo green with envy. keep up the good work!
sharon, the bride!: nate & jac--you rock my world and made our wedding awesome. but just to clarify, none of these folks were all that wasted. our friends (and us) are just THAT CRAZY. we were born to crazy booth. WE LOVE YOU, NATE AND JAC!
Lacey: I love looking at your blog for inspiration...and because I think your photography is A-mazing! These photobooth photos are more than amazing! WOW - how fun. These are the memories people remember...and the above ones are truly memorable! Great job capturing these peoples characters! They ROCK!
ONE LOVE PHOTO: Yes-they all deserve your gold award! Thanks for making me laugh out loud!
kayla :): yowwwzas! i love me some crazybooth action!!! :) what a trip!!
Joey Puloné: Nate, Thanks for making my day, brother. Very funny last frame. The woman on the left's face looks totally legit. The guy 3rd from the left looks like Yul Brynner in "The King and I"....I can just hear him saying, "I am the King of Siam!"
Jessi: Oh Schnitzel! That that picture is HILARIOUS!
amy wood: WOW!!!! I'm not worthy! I'm not worthy! I always love your stuff, but this last one is the REASON I love YOU so much- the hell with BREAKING the "rules" - just make your own! I totally love your sense of humor + the shock value! Good times- great job!
courtney: so exactly how wasted are the guests by the time they reach the crazy booth?? It's classic!
Marc: This idea was awesome! I love what you came up with and what these guys were willing to do!
Yvette: Love the good news bible shot! Genius!
kpeck: LOVE IT!!! so not what i was expecting...and so much better!!!
Sherri: it.
sean: illin!
angel swanson: LOVE IT!!! you're right -- even if it was the longest day ever, it was one of my favorite weddings ever!!! xoxo to you two for ROCKING IT. sharon said it best: "the crazy booth is for crazy pictures of crazy people."
Farrah Braniff: the last one almost made me fall outta my chair! Awesome!
andrew hsu: agh! my virgin eyes!!!
Madelyn @ Southern Weddings: This is great! I love the images! You can easily see that all the guests and the wedding party had a fantastic time at this event! Wonderful!
Pammy: Absolutely the best. I love this part of your photography--it speaks for itself. Reminds me of my days at UCSB where students get to do self portraits like this--so fun. Woo hoo that must have been a fun wedding.
JD: Whahaha seriously the funniest ever!
Yolanda: Off the charts funny. Off the charts interesting. Off the charts. Period.
Kellyry: I literally gasped and laughed out loud. I was just scrolling and scrolling, waiting and waiting for the "best photo ever" and boy did you not disappoint! Hilarious!!
neal carpenter: My weddings are NEVER like that!
PG: probably the most fun wedding/ postwedding album ive ever seen! good work!!
Daniel Lanton: I think I just shat my pants... Tooo funny
Amanda Auer: I love it all! And I love the pics of Angel in there too!!
Amanda K: I was thinking they were all pretty freaking awesome until I got to that last one. HILARIOUS. AWESOME. Love :)
Reuben Antman: Wow, these are really, really good. I'm totally mesmerized.
Melissa Koehler: Oh wise one. Please show me how you do this crazy booth set up. I will be eternally grateful and buy you lunch!! :) These images made me spit out my water.
gabe: oh snap!
Tammie Billey: wow...crazy hilarious! :)
Troy Schneider: Perfect craziness!!
cindy: the last one --- are you kidding me? only you can capture it...and then get away with it. perfection.
~abi~: nice tatt representin' oklahoma! :)
THE PARSONS: why do I feel like I need to take a cold shower? and listen to the Christian radio station?
bethany: ahhh this is hilarious! if i ever get married, and im awesome enough, can you do this and make my guests look this amazing ?!?
Rachel @ Southern Weddings : Oh my goodness! Best photo booth shots ever!! Everyone's personality came out so clearly! And the last shot...well that is just hilarious!
josh solar: That last image is pure GOLD! Now, I want to see if you can top it :)
lynne sugai: oh my!!!
Lisa: These are the best pictures ever! Looks like so much fun! You guys rock!
Matt Dorroh: Awesome!! I love these, great job :)
jackie wonders: defnitely scandalosa:) what great shots! having fun people makes ALL the difference in the world.
grace: the mom with the noodles. genius.
Miz Booshay: You've been very naughty.
Karin Dailey: HAHHAHAHAHA! I love it!
Lance: Nate what Nikon Camera did you get?and did you use it this last wedding.
Angie Baxter: These are sooo amazing. You are incredibly clever.
Melissa: that last pic is freaking HILARIOUS! ...LOVE IT!!!!!!
stephanie . o: your crazybooths!! that's all i have to say...
kimi b: your face in the grind shot is epic!!! :D gosh we so love you!
Caroline Ghetes: LOLOLOLOL! These are awesome, to say the least. The lighting and quality is so Banana Republic and the people are so SNL. Love it, and love them, and love your work to pieces.
Nadine: INCREDIBLE. I'm in awe. Unbelievably good poses, and gorgeous pictures as always.
shana & luke: wish you guys were doing this when we had our wedding - love it!!