Heather Jagger: That is one stinkin cute couple.. good job
Paco and Betty: Wow! The b&w shot with the bridge is amazing! How did you get them to make such beautiful pose? It's so sexy/sweet!
Cory Parris: #6 is beautiful. Good job, guys!
Tracy & Tony: WOW!! Beautiful shoot!! You've captured their chemistry and made it jump right off the page - fantastic!
Yolanda: I think you're about three blocks from my house :-) Loving these. Especially the second-to-last.
Anne Reuter: gorgeous!!! whatever you do.. it is out of this world amazing!
Tyson Brown: They shoot all RAW - look at their FAQ: http://www.theblogisfound.com/index.cfm?catID=12
Oana: I'm wondering if you shoot RAW or JPG... I love your pictures, by the way. Also, I'd like to ask you what book or anything else you recommend me for using Photoshop as wonderful as you do it, since I'm from Romania and we don't have many workshops here. Thank you.
North Coast Photography: Hi Nate and Jaclyn, love the second from last image with the bridge. That is such a great image. It really appeals to me, though I'm not sure my clients would dig it. I really like your work, very relaxed and real. Cheers, Antony, Australia
kristin: love it.
ryan: wow these are amazing. I love the background on the first pictures.
Leah: Look at all of those freckles!!! Lucky couple. My boyfriend got all the freckles in our relationship. I worship every one of them! www.fiveblondes.com
ricki ford: dude you are by far my favorite photographer!
Carli: I love these pictures! So fun! Great photography with great models ;)
shayne weltmer: AWESOME!!!! This really captured the essence of Katie & ryan!!!!!
tara pollard pakosta: they are both soooooooooo adorable ! these are just lovely! what an amazing looking couple! tara
Tugba: The cutest couple I have ever seen...
rachel: so earthy. i dig.
julie c: uh-mazing, uh-gain!!!
Katie: Nate the great. Seriously, I love ALLLLL of them and can't stop looking at them. Thanks for shooting us, it was a once in a lifetime opportunity that we feel so special to have been a part of! :) I think we'll need to get a sweet awesome canvas for OUR NEW HOUSE. ;)
michelle: holy cow these are adorable! so when's the next casting call so i can volunteer?
Hanssie: How did I miss your open call? Hmmm... Katie and Ryan look FABULOUS!
Beckie K: I agree with The Parsons about your blog being crack! I can't get enough of it (your blog that is, hehehe)! These shots are great! Keep 'em coming!
PhotoSmith - Sarah e Smith: love the photos from this session, especially the fourth photo, the PP is awesome! Love following you guys on Twitter too ;) Peace!
kimi b - ohana photograpers: nuthin but love my friends. nuthin but love for ya.
THE PARSONS: ahhhhhhhh....we feel like we just got a nice hit. yep, that's right - your blog is crack. :)
Matt Dorroh: Love the series and the blog as well! I always find you blog/work to be very inspiring, thanks!
Angie Baxter: You don't need to stop somewhere... more please, these are fabo!
carrie: oh my word...4,5,6,7 KILL ME. i love their freckles. you rocked the underpassy thing big time...no surprise there ;).
josh solar: You kill it every time!
Horatio: Awesome nateness dude... awesome nateness!
Jeremy: Love your images! great stuff! What actions are you using for photos 4 and 6? I love the coloring of image 4
hugh: looking good man, love the contrast of the harsh geometry with their playfulness.