Jill: I can't wait to hear about your NY trip. My husband and I will be there (for the first time) on Friday, so I'd love to hear what you thought of the Big Apple. Hope you had fun!
Jason Hudson: I can't wait to see your pics from NYC! I hope you two had an awesome "second honeymooon" together!
April: Do you know about the superhero store? Here are some pictures on my friend's blog. Scroll down to day 3. http://thompsonfamily.typepad.com/thompson_familylife/2008/07/revisiting-nyc---day-2-3.html
Abi Q: If your still in upstate ( like near buffalo )you HAVE to check out Andersons's for ice cream and curly fries... mmmm
Formed By Grace Photography: i see that you are getting comment after comment encouraging you to go to all the touristy pizza joints.... don't do it! Check out lombardi's pizzeria, you can read about them on their web site (don't judge them by it, they are pros at making pizza, not web sites....) http://www.firstpizza.com/newyork.html I hope you enjoy your visit to NYC!
Jenny Rebecca: Go eat at Cafeteria in Chelsea!
Karen: Go see Susan S.?
IIiana: You MUST have pizza at John's Pizzeria in Times Square. It's the best pizza ever! My husband and I visited NYC a couple yrs ago. We liked this place so much we ate there two nights in a row. Have a great time! I can't wait to see your pics!
Chris Chen: you will definitely need to check out Times Square at night, hit the shops in Soho and eat in Chinatown. let me know if you need any suggestions.
Michael Norwood: YO. My vote is for strolling through downtown. Soho, Greenwich, Chelsea, The Village... some of the coolest spots on the planet. Cyndie and I aren't really into the whole touristy thing so thats what we do when we're there... walk, eat, shop, coffee... repeat. You should hit central park, and maybe take a walk up 5th ave. See the museums then cut over to Madison Ave and walk south and enjoy some of the sweetest shopping in the world.
Zaida : Head to Soho for great people watching and then have brunch at Balthazar's. Oh, go to Gotham City Grill, too! Yes, I'm into the food!
erin kate: Takashimaya on 5th avenue!
Marco: Don't go to Empire State, Top of the Rock is a better view with less wait... Plus you get to see Empire State. If you go to Grimaldi's go at lunch, its a long wait at dinner (1 hour)... Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory is a 30 minuter wait at dinner time. Tomoe Sushi in Greenwich near NYU is the best sushi in town (hole in the wall) again go early. Gobo in the village has excellent vegetarian fare. Reservations at serendipity are a must, if not, buy the powder mix at $5 a bag and make it yourself. The food is average at best, but yes the frozen hot choc is the bizomb... The MET is closed on Mondays... Basic rule of thumb, if it's in a guide book, there will be a wait. Go to Times Square for a glance but everything else there is mediocre and chain... 5th ave apple store is 24 Hours so go at an off hour if you must. the Halal food cart at 53rd and 6th infront of the Hilton is the best $6 meal on the planet...
melissa: for cupcakes- - if the Magnolia line is around the block (like it usually is!) go to Tonnie's on w. 3rd street near Macdougal. WAY better than Magnolia- except they don't have the banana pudding- and no one seems to know about it! Also over there are the W.4th street basketball courts- some good games are always going on there.
Ashley: It's already been mentioned, but definitely go to Grimaldi's pizza. It's right underneath the Brooklyn Bridge, Brooklyn side of course. It's always an hour wait because it's insanely delicious!
corrine: for the most amazing sushi- check out Morimoto's restaurant. Make sure to check out the bathroom's and press the red button. You'll have to check it out to see what I mean. The MAC store downtown is a must see. Dos Caminos for the guac- I agree. Central PArk- & the Top of the Rock. Defiantely take the subway- it's the best and cheapest way to get around the city. Check out Grand Central Station and pay your respects at the little church near Ground Zero. And even if you don't like shows- you should see "Wicked". The talent is amazing!
Bentley Waters: I lived there for 10 years and here are a few of my fave spots: For the best burger in your life: PJ Clarkes on e. 53rd. For amazing margaritas and spanish food, Zarelas on 2nd Ave, for great outdoors people watching and good french: Pastis in the meat Packing District (great place to shop)!! Have FUN!
sam cousins: serendipity 3 (www.serendipity3.com) for their frozen hot chocolate. it was on oprah's top lists. make sure you have reservations. but even without them it is SOOOO worth the wait! every time i make it into the city that is a stop on my list! Oh YUM...i taste another visit coming on!!! century 21 (c21stores.com) across from ground zero is an awesome discount store for some awesome designer deals!!!
PhotoSmith - Sarah e. Smith: P.S. - be sure to get yourselves a Metro card for the day...for 7 bucks you can take the subway anywhere around the city for the day :)
Jennifer in ATL: Let's see...... 1. Magnolia Bakery in the West Village - the vanilla cupcakes are TO DIE FOR....such a pretty neighborhood to walk around in, too http://www.magnoliacupcakes.com/ 2. Cafe Habana on Prince Street (Nolita neighborhood?) It's a tiny, tiny diner that is always busy. The grilled corn on the cob is a MUST. It's slathered with mayo, chili powder and some kind of cheese. http://www.ecoeatery.com/ 3. I've only heard that John's has great pizza. Artie Lange on The Howard Stern Show always mentions it. If an Italian guy from New Jersey likes it, I'm guessing it's good!!! My friends from CA went and said it was great. http://www.johnspizzerianyc.com/index2.htm 4. Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge and grab a drink at The River Cafe. The view is absolutely STUNNING. http://www.rivercafe.com/ 5. I disagree about not going to Times Square. Yes, there are lots of tourist traps there, but it's a sight to see. I guess it's just one of those places you have to say you've been to. Go so you can say you've seen it! 6. Wear tennis shoes. 7. MOMA Yay!!! Can't wait to hear about it. Let us know where you went!!!!
eric langlois: shopping in SOOOOOHOOOO and dinner at NOBU. Scrumptious. DON'T GO TO TIMES SQUARE....
nicole: if you like good authentic bbq, try Dallas BBQ (dallasbbq.com) - it's amazing! they have awesome food and a cool restaurant environment. i've only been to the one on the west side on 72nd, but i'm guessing they're all as good as that one. and trust me, you will not go away hungry!
Lisa: I have to copy down everyone's advice for myself... BUT, everytime I'm there, I always go to Dos Caminos in Soho and LOVE IT!!! Get the table side guacamole... the best ever (and this is coming from someone who normally doesn't like the guac!) Have fun and eat a lot!
Tonya Peterson: If you are not going to a show you can skip over time square. What a tourist trap!!! I would never go there again if I didn't love the shows so much!!! Well I guess you may want to see it at least once, but I wouldn't spend too much time there. Central Park is always a must see...but the best is going way downtown. SoHo, China Town, Little Italy...can't beat it!
Amanda: Take the NYC Duck Tour - you're on land, then on the water - amphibious vehicle baby. Don't worry - camera gear safe.
ben + laura: see the new museum of contemporary art ... they have some interesting exhibits going on right now ... its on 235 bowery near the lower east side ... warning though, there is one exhibit you may gets lots of questions from the kiddos ... it involves a very realistic looking horse sticking out of a wall in a very strange way
samantha: ZABARS!!! On the upper west side. Grab the makings of a picnic and head to Central Park. Don't forget the chocolate babka - delish!!
abraham: if u want to experience something unforgetable.....do a "sunset helicopter tour". www.zipover.com You have limited time, so a helicopter tour will let u experience nyc from an amazing perspective
Photosmith - Sarah e. Smith: must eat at one or both of Bobby Flay's restaurants Bolo or Mesa Grill, check out the craziness at B & H Photo, shopping in SOHO - I LOVE Daffy's for clothes shopping there and UNIQLO, Bleeker St shopping...enjoy my favorite place on earth :) oh, and where upstate are you shooting a wedding...just curious as I am in Upstate, 3 hours north of NYC :)
shannon: for the absolute best chocolate chip cookie ever, you must go to levain bakery at 74th and amsterdam! you will absolutely not be disappointed. i agree with a stop at cafe habana in soho as well.
nicole : check out the pod hotel if you need a place to stay. very cool website and cool hotel. MoMA fo' sho. Our favorite part??? walking and walking and walking the streets of NYC. It is amazing the cool things you see while walking when you would otherwise miss them if you took a taxi or the subway!
Rebecca: Yes - Go to Carmines, so, so delicious. Also - Try the museums, they are everything they are cracked up to be!
Meredith: I can say without a doubt that Dylan's Candy Bar will not disappoint the entire family. When you walk in you'll need to have the camera ready for the kids reactions to the overwhelming amounts of sweets around them! This candy store is a MUST! Hope you love your trip! Oh, and If you get overwhelmed by the hustle and bustle of the city, central park will sooth the nerves wonderfully. :)
Christie: I can't believe no one has mentioned Carmine's! They have the most incredible family-style Italian food and the dessert is fabulous (and HUGE, as all are their portions).
meggie velasco: You have to at least visit B&H just to see it in person...it's CRAZY NUTS and AWESOME!!! If you want to spend some good quality time just being together, I think a lovely afternoon of getting lost in Central Park may be in order. I find the city to be very overwhelming, so that's the stuff that I would rather do.
amanda: You MUST MUST MUST eat Grey's Papaya - the best (and cheapest) hot dogs on the planet!!!
neal carpenter: Take the ferry to Ellis Island. Great views of Manhattan and a very interesting part of our history. Enjoy!
Amy Martin: Yep... walk the Brooklyn Bridge, go eat pizza at Grimaldi's, then get ice cream over on the pier and enjoy the view :)
Terri from PIttsburgh: Hi Guys. Max Brenner is a chocolate restaurant that is really great. You have to spend some time in Central Park. Go on Sunday morning and check out the disco rollerbladers / rollerskaters. They are so awesome and it's a great place to spot celebs....we saw Kramer (Michael Richards) watching the skaters when we were there in May. Have fun!!
Joe Kunin: Make sure you grab a copy of NFT (Not for Tourists) New York, or use the free online version (some googling will get you there) When I was in New York for the first time with my girlfriend, that guide was priceless, cuts through all the garbage, and takes you right to the good stuff.
emily: great places to eat that have great atmosphere and food and i would highly recommend are: pastis, spice market, (both in meatpacking district) spotted pig (west village), and grimaldi"s, which is under the brooklyn bridge in brooklyn. so good! have fun!
jennifer kennedy: MoMA is a must... and cheesecake from the Carnegie Deli (for a small picnic in Central Park).
lisa: I hear that Ellis Island is a great spot. I'd love to visit there, but then, I love history, so it may not be your thang!
jackie wonders: oh...and don't forget in times square the naked cowboy.. i'm sure that's the only reason you guys are going anyways:) and you can see puff daddy's palace from there too!
jackie wonders: don't know if people added these yet...but serendipity is a great dessert place(like in the john cusack movie), grimaldi's pizza in brooklyn is awesome, get the white pizza, and the comedy cellar is freakin' hillarious...and there's a lotta walking so wear cumfy shoes. have a blast...
meg: You MUST eat at Cafe Habana in SoHo. It's a cute latin restaurant with lots of culture and tasty food. They're famous for their corn on the cob, so u should order that. Besides, being a great place to eat, it's in SoHo, a wonderful place to wander and explore. It's on the corner of Prince and Elizabeth. Check out: http://craftyarchitect.wordpress.com/2008/05/27/cafe-habana/
wrecklessgirl: lots to do, but wouldn't it be great if this were already in effect? http://www.dwell.com/daily/blog/27097099.html
Stacy Reeves: I just went there for the first time a couple of weeks ago, and I fell in love with Central Park. It's so calm and peaceful there, great for people watching. It's not flashy or exciting, but if you're looking to see a cool national landmark and spend some quality time with your favorite person, it's a great place to do it. :)
erin: you have to eat b-fast at NORMAs - seriously you cant miss it!
ricki Ford: Are you 2 coming any futher down south? Like Myrtle Beach SC?
melissa: hahaha! mole people! i live in greenwich village, so i'm partial to it... but you can (and i have!) wander around for hours photographing old, unique historic (un-skyscraper-like) beautiful buildings. Tons of history- Bob Dylan self guided tour is fun- if you like Dylan! You can download a map online of notable stops. Add to that delicious restaurants every few steps, and you'll never want to leave! i recommend 'extra virgin' on bleecker street. Peanut Butter Co mentioned below is also great!!washington square park right there, which is great for people-watching and random impromptu bands / music men. Street fair on bleecker street saturdays, 6th avenue to broadway. Brooklyn (DUMBO or williamsburg) for fantastic manhattan skyline views. If you're venturing uptown, the Cloisters on about 180th street is fun for wandering thru gardens and medieval-style architecture. Dare to go to midtown for B&H only; too much craziness and starbucks. have a great time!!!!
katy regnier: new york is my favorite!! we had so many fab spots we went to when ben lived in the west village, mostly food related. I could write you a 10 mile list, let me know if you want more suggestions... but here are my top picks: cupcakes at magnolia bakery on bleeker st. - be sure to eat it with a cup of coffee falafel at mamoun's on macdougal st. (near nyu) - soooo good, always has a line sake at decibel on e 9th st (between 2nd & 3rd)-very low key and very tasty pierogi (ukranian tasty-ness) at veselka, corner of 2nd ave & 9th st - perfect for after sake at decibel As for museums I'd say yes to Whitney & MOMA, skip the Met. And don't forget Central Park, my absolute favorite!! Just go for a long walk, the horses stink :) Have a fabulous trip!!
Kemp: I have to agree with those who point you to the Brooklyn Bridge. Also, there is the Tenament Museum down near Chinatown. That was something different, although not the NYC wow kind of venue. It is a piece of NYC that was unintentionally preserved and not re-created. Also, the Hudson River tours are really cool.
Samantha Cover: Oooh, and how can I forget Canal Street for some blackmarket shopping. Want Chanel, Gucci AND Prada? No worries, buy them all, after all they are only $30 each. Seriously, the experience alone is worth the trip (just keep your wallet in your FRONT pocket!)
Rachael Carlson: You guys are adventure enthusiast....so I suggest that you head to the flying trapeze rig and take a 2 hour lesson...it's right on the river front and trapeze is always exhilerating!!!
Samantha Cover: La Mela in Little Italy has the best food in LI, IMO. No menu.....they just bring you platters of food, no joke. My mouth is watering thinking about it. Oh and I also recommend Serendipity!
Eri: Ditto on the Rices to Riches! For a quick snack in Chinatown: Best Vietnamese sandwiches ever are on the corner of Lafayette and Walker Sts. A tiny video shop looking place but a counter as you come right in. Just ask for a banh mi and an iced Vietnamese coffee. Should run you $6 or os.
Rebecca : The White Horse Saloon downtown is where Dylan Thomas drank himself to death....They DO pour a mean pint! Enjoy the best city on Earth!!
candice: There are a lots of great things to do in everyones comments but I thought I'd add a few others. Yes, Coney Island is a bit shady but it has great picture taking spots, lots of old carnival looking rides and the first Nathans for hot dogs and fire works at night on the weekends. This is the last year coney island will be the same as they are closing it down after the summer. Also, I think you guys would like a store called Uniglo. It's a Japanese clothing store and they have awesome graphic tees and jeans at good prices. And if you love chocolate at all you have to eat at Max Brenners. It's one of my favorite places to take people and it's just off of union square.
Allen: Lombardi's under the Brooklyn Bridge is very very good and you can have some ice cream at the Brooklyn ice cream Factory next door - then treat yourselves to the best view of Manhattan across the river. If you're feeling extra chipper after all the pizza and ice cream, walk back to Manhattan across the bridge - my wife and I've done it a few times and the walk is fun, the views amazing, and you end up walking right into Little Italy for more food if you are hungry :)
Alicia: Rice to riches. Like the Cold Stone of rice pudding, except good. Even if you only like rice pudding a little bit. The flavors will blow you away. http://ricetoriches.com/
heather: Jealous! Head to Papaya King at 3rd and 86th for yummy hotdogs with tropical relish, and a papaya (or other tropical) smoothie!
Danielle Rabbat: If you like Peanut Butter, go to "The Peanut Butter Co." in the West Village for a sandwich...and bring home some white chocolate peanut butter. http://www.ilovepeanutbutter.com/ Harlem walking tours are AMAZING too. http://www.harlemheritage.com/home.shtml I lived and toured NYC for 6 weeks straight and the above experiences really stood out. Pick up a copy of The New Yorker to see what's going on when you're there. Check out the free art galleries and talk to the artists.
Tali: If you only have time to check out one art museum, forget the met - you MUST see the Whitney - by far one of the most rad-tastic museums I've ever seen. http://www.whitney.org/ yay! i'm no longer a comment virgin here... :) have a blast!
Kevin: I liked Lombardi's Pizza in Little Italy. Massive delicious pies. Supposed to be the first pizzeria in North America.
Amy S: Go to BH Photo, Apple, FAO Schwartz, Cartier,etc? Plus all of the fabulous food. Seriously, I would take a gourmet vacation myself and rest in central park in between meals. Lots of great restaurants with one of a kind dishes. (this blog has lots of great reviews:http://www.amateurgourmet.com/)
cam trejo: for shizzle hit up serendipity on 225 E 60th St. that's a must east restaurant . . . frozen hot chocolate for desert. and look out for the mole people in the subways . . . they are always watching.
Tony: Ray's Pizza in Time Square. (or Familias pizza will do). Stroll around the reserve in Central Park, it's very stimulating. TOP-OF-THE-ROCK is a great view, very romantic. Enjoy.
brooke schwab photography: I have the BEST list of to do's in NYC. I will email it to you so you can check it out! Have fun.
Christine: Definitely go visit the 9.11 memorial, walk through the church across the street, and stop at the fire station down there across from the site, they have a beautiful memorial set up right in the firehouse. Jekyll and Hyde is a great, fun place to eat. Enjoy!
kristin greenlee: oh and I strongly second taking time at the MOMA, Apple Store, and FAO... it was super fun! Oh and my last piece of advice, go with no plans and wake up and just decide what you want to do that day and then feel free to change plans. We went with no plans, no tickets, no ideas... and it made it so much more low key and not as much presure. I wouldn't really plan on doing the Statue if you only have 2 days unless it is really important to you because it is a full day affair if you get off the ferry and half day affair if you stay on (and just wave at Lady Liberty)
kristin greenlee: Don't bother eating at any restaurants in Mid-Town. They are terrible and over priced, meat for tourists! Spend some time in the other areas of the city! The best restaurant we ate at was with a local friend. IT is SUPER TINY, but SOOOOOOO GOOD and they have a great wine list for being so small. Get there slightly early in the evening to get a table (no reservations) Frank Restaurant 88 2nd Avenue between 5th & 6th St. New York, NY 10003 212.420.0202 Don't be a afraid of the subway. We only took two cabs while we were there 1 from the airport and one back. We walked and road the subway a lot. BTW, if you have I phone there is an app for the sub system now, so you can look cool and not have a tourist looking map in your hand! We used our Iphone maps like crazy. Put a pin at your hotel and places you want to visit and you're off!
jen: the shake shack! @ madison sq park, totally fun and a great stop in the maddness of soaking up the city! and s'mac! i haven't been yet but it's on the list for next time. :)
Danielle Hopkins: Carriage Ride through Central Park! Eat at Jekyll and Hyde Restraunt, Statue of Liberty, Empire State building ;) Okay enough recommendations have a blast!
Meg: ps. I don't know if Jaclyn is an Anthropologie fan but the Anthro at Rockefeller Center is awesome... GREAT sale room :)
Meg: Lombardi's Pizza in Little Italy and Lucky Strike in Greenwich Village for food, two places I eat at every time I visit.. Soho for shopping :)
kimi b - ohana photographers: take us with you ;) have a safe and killer trip friends!!! bring back some mutha flippin pics! xoxo
summer: it's probably cliche, but i LOVE wandering around central park. there are so many nooks and crannies to discover...times square tops my 'to avoid' list. its loud and touristy and basically a bunch of big ads. might make for some good pics, but i wasn't impressed
Kayli Cotten: Go to Serendipity and get a famous "frozen hot chocolate" ... horse/carriage ride in central park is cool... lots of neat castles in the park too. Have fun!
brandon: Empire State building after midnight! it's open until like 2 a.m. and it's alot more enjoyable when there is 100's of tourists lining the ledges
Jacob Bergmeier: Head down to the Bubble Lounge... it's a hip champagne bar that is VERY classy and fun. Also, the Apple store needs to be photographed and blogged. FAO Schwartz is right next to the Apple flagship store... you can play the piano like in the movie "BIG." Have a dirty water hotdog from one of the 5 million street vendors. Visit the 9.11 memorial. Take a rickshaw ride. Visit the Brooklyn Bridge and see the waterfall art below it by the same guy that did The Gates a few years ago. Visit the B&H store. Need more... email
Shawn Kloster: So awesome! I have plans to go spend time there (personal time) for my 30th next June. I can't wait. I'm hoping work will take me there sooner, though. I can't freakin' wait!! Have a blast!!
Yvette: PS - Can I come??? I could play host?
Tara: Woohooo GO NYC! As a resident of NYC and having hosted many many people visiting, here are a few suggestions: Sights - MOMA (museum of modern art), 79th Street Boat Basin, WALK across the Brooklyn Bridge at dusk and eat pizza at Grimaldi's in Brookyln (just under the bridge)...5th ave or soho for shopping, though soho is coolor for interesting things and streets to photograph! Central Park is also a must. Food - depends on what you like but a few choices are: Inoteca, Otto Pizzaria, Norma's (for brunch), Sarabeths (for brunch). Hmm soo many more choices but those are a few. Oh and to do the 'touristy' thing, go to the Top of the Rock. Good luck and have fun!
Yvette: Shopping... sooooooo hooooooo!!! Feel free to buy me something!