Louisa Coulthurst: Lovely photographs - keep them coming! The ninja shot made me chuckle!
Frank DiMeo: Great images as always! Your imagination never ceases to amaze me! Thanks for the inspiration.
MamaBooyah: Scrumptledumptle let's see it cumbple!! Show us more!! Maybe some before and after!?!?!?!!
ashley+jeremy: scrumtralescent!!!!
paperdiva: these are beautiful!!
abraham: i agree, jumping shots are cheezy, but "ninja" style are cool. great job!.........so you're updating to a more stylish "f" logo? i vote for the capital "F"!
angel swanson: what a beautiful couple. the blue lighting in the first dance shot is hot!! can't wait to see the scrumtrilesscent day-after shots, too~
joshua gene: great job, I love the shot of the men jumping to catch the bouquet. Your use of off camera lighting is amazing (did the videographer help with that?) you two are always such an inspiration, keep up the good work!
gabriel ryan: wow! literally, the BEST garter-in-the-teeth shot i think i have ever seen
The GrooM: All I can say is WOW! All the shots were amazing and we're truly able to relive the wedding every time we look at them and even capture the moments we missed...like the darling flower girls getting ready. And what other photographer would ask you to do a ninja kick...I think I was at least 10 ft in the air...don't you agree Nate?
shana (the bride): Woohoo!!! Love them, love them, love them...we're so excited to see these!! As Nate would say - magicality! :) We spent a moment each day on our honeymoon scouring Croatia and Italy for internet cafes to see if the pictures were up - romantic, huh? Thanks so much guys - these are amazing! :)
chris: friggin' beautiful shots. i love the intermingling of cultures at this wedding.
Ryan Austin Dean: Absolutely gorgeous shots! This is the reason I check your blog religiously. Truly excellent work.
Ross Frazier: awesome pictures! but I read your status about your printer and you have GOT to see this video! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=keMmM3P4BRM it's HILARIOUS! when I read your status, it's immediatelyw hat I thought of... - Ross (www.rossfrazier.com)
wale: what a great set of pics (as usual). i love the rings shot. actually..i loved it all. can't wait to see the portrait session. hope you blog soon guys.
Michelle Pearson: This couple is awesome! I recently shot one of their friends wedding, they were in their wedding. He is such a character, and she is so adorable! I really think you captured their personality well. These look great!!!!
hailey: wow... again! and again... love the shot of the bride and her dad... (all of them!) wonderful moments!
Yolanda: I adore that shot of her dad picking her teeth. So very human and normal on a day that is generally surreal for most couples.
Julia: Awww - I think this is one of absolute favorite weddings, but I don't know why... I think because they all somehow show the true character of the couple and show how sweet the they are - the card in the beginning, the bride hugging her father, etc
kimi b: love the matrix shot! and oh those rings.
david baxter: if you need help editing all you have to do is call. i'll try to fill in for jac (like that's even partially possible). ninja shot, hug from dad, the garter toss, & the photo booth are all suh-weet. you capture emotion like no other. good on ya nate.
Heather: Love the pics! Can't wait to see the rest!
chris: wow...that shot of the child is just...wow. and I love the one of the bide in the extreme foreground...and...ok, i could go on, but just...wow.