eric "scooney" scoonover: ur wedding looked outragous congradulations
Brittany: Erica! I can't believe I found you! You look gorgeous, and so happy! I miss you so much and think about you all the time. I didn't have any other way to contact you so I hope you get this. my email is I miss you & I am so glad you are happy :) Brittany (Hulsey) Rico
Alix Ortiz : how beatiful, very nice dress too god bless your marriage
Tai Nguyen: #20 is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo awesome!
Julia Trejo: Beautiful work!!!
Jennifer Galvan: You two are such a beautiful couple and looked so comfortable and at ease in every picture, Good Luck!!!
Jesse Cun: you look so pretty in your wedding dress! This moment is awesome!!
Chau Anh Huynh: oh yeah....VOTE FOR #20!!!
Chau Anh Huynh: That is what the memory worth being saved!
Marty H. : This was indeed a wonderful wedding which was captured in photos very beautifully.
Ruben Soria: These pictures were AMAZING!!! i hope you win!!
vanessa: voting for #20 think i voted in the wrong spot
Shirley Ramos: voting for #20 sorry think i voted in the wrong blog
Ana Castillo: best pic vote #20
TC: beautiful wedding!!!
father of the groom: #20
father of the Groom: I forgot to put this on my blog
Father of the Groom: Wonderfull, Charming Beautiful Creative Loving and all of the other words that I can think of. I love Matt and Erica
Devan Masahiko Koshu: add 20!!!
jorge rivera : Those pictures are extremely nice. I hope you win, we all love you.
Xavier: I like the pictures, you can really tell that you enjoy your wedding Mrs. Wolicki. Even by looking at the pictures, it felt like i was there at the wedding.
Teresa Diaz: You looked beautiful and your pictures are awesome…best wishes for you, and your husband.
Alexander Dien: Wow! These are amazing pictures!
Gene Kissinger: Congratulations! What a beautiful bride! Best wishes. Gene
Lorna Kissinger: Erica, what a beautiful bride! We're so happy for you and hope you have an extremely happy marriage that lasts forever. December 17 of this month marks our 30th anniversary! It seems like only yesterday... Much love, Lorna
Melinda Wolicki: Erica and Matt: What a wonderful, special and emotional day it was. Erica you looked like a princess, and Matt you are awesome. I felt truly blessed being there - photgraphy was absolutely fantastic
pierre gomez: MRs. W gets down on the dance floor-lol awesome pics. Poor husband if he gets punched with that ring
eunice: it looks like a beautiful weeding
Ivan: Great black and white pictures.
Ricardo: The ceremony looks beautiful. Some of the pictures have such great angles.
yuli: These are really beautiful pictures. Congratulations
Gilberto: They are great pictures Mrs. W. There are some really great candid pictures.
Devan Koshu: congratulation mrs. russikoff!!!!! whoo hoo~ go broncos!
Han Le: Beautiful pictures! Erica's facial expressions are very detailed in emotion. The rings look great. lol....... Such professional pictures! Hi Mrs. Wolicki!
Jessie Grupinski: The loving looks on Erica's face says it all. You captured the beauty deep in her. Very moving shots. Keep up the great work you do,
Yiya, a friend from China: I'ts really a wonderful wedding! I Although I was not there, I can share the happyness and emotion. Best wishes, dear Matt and Erica! I hope you can see it.
Amazed!: Wow- that is one beautiful couple. They are both really hot! You make them look so wonderful in your pictures. Amazing!
Susan: You amaze me. These shots made me want to bawl they had so much depth and beauty. I want to frame them all over my house and I don't even know this wondeful couple!! If I could just keep you in my pocket and have you follow me everywhere capturing every frame of my life I would be one happy gal :)
Elizabeth Pellette: I am curious and maybe you have mentioned before but what textures do you use on some of these shots? I love them
david baxter: the ones in front of the car straight up RULE!! the rest just mainly kick a$$. i still love that tilt shift & the textures. good on ya nate.
chelsea | blueline weddings: beautiful work. what is your advice on getting other bloggers to look at your work and vice versa. im new at the blog world.
erica w/r: Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. That's all I can say, n & j ! ;)
angel swanson: these images are soo full of emotion. i feel taken away with each frame. beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.
julie: makes me want to get married all over again so you can come take my pictures!
psyndee: there isn't a single picture where the groom doesn't look like he won the ultimate prize. did that come out right?
Shaka Zulu: Were you inspired by the man-gods, Corbin Harris and Neil Jacob???
Anna Kuperberg: So beautiful, so emotional, so perfect.
sean: truly awesome, nate!
jeremy and ashley: These are such powerful and emotionally captivating images - truly, it is obvious that you cared for your beautiful subjects, because I can feel the emotion in each image.
Jacquelyn: I love the little girl in the green dress especially. :)
hailey: please... how do you do it?? do you have a tutorial on how to get such fantastic shots at weddings?? I am constantly amazed... over and over!~
Janel: I'm in the Army, currently in Baghdad. Your blog was featured in our Stars and Stripes paper, so as a very new photographer, I decided to check your site out. You guys blow me away!!! I can honestly say you are my number one inspiration. If I am ever half the photographer you are, I will be very content! You two make the world a much more beautiful place.
anna joy: awwwwwwwwww! I love the vintage-y look of the first portraits of them together, and I love the first dance shot. These are grrrrrrreat!
Ruth: Your blog is such an inspiration. I have to agree wholeheartedly that you both have unreal talent.
abraham: mucho bueno trabajo!
Kate C.: Absolutely amazing captures of so many emotions! Wonderful job!
Father of the Groom: This day was beautifull. Not only the weather but the way that the love showed thru for both of them. I am so proud to say that Matt is my son and he feel in love with such a wonderfull woman. This day will live forever in my heart.
The Medinas: Love, love, love all of them! Still so sad we missed your big day! It looks amazing, perfect and "dreams come true." Love you guys. Rich, Mary and Seth
tracy: Love the 3rd photo w/ the BMs waiting and the bride below! All the photos are super... And your intro was very touching.
kimi b: kickin buns and takin names again, i see. can't choose a fav,but i do love the ones with the car.
stikman: You guys are without a doubt the best wedding photographers I have seen. Not only do your images just rock, your processing is top notch...but you capture the most real moments of anyone I have seen-this coming from a stay at home dad who looks at A LOT of blogs, portfolios, etc on the web ;) Unreal talent you have.
luke & shana: love the pictures of them in front of the old car...
Eric Von: It's always extra special to photograph a good friends wedding and you guys did an amazing job. love the old school one next to the car and the shot of the wedding party is so relaxed and it. Great job guys!
Yunna: I Love love LOVE the one with the bride waiting downstairs and the bridesmaids looking down. Such a awesome capture! Amazing set as always~you guys inspire me! ^_^
PamS: How wonderful to share one of the happiest times of life with your best friend! I love the feel of photos 3, 8 & 9, the and the emotions you captured in Erica's eyes in 15 - it's almost like you can see into her soul. Awesome as usual!
Stacy Cross: You guys are the truest photojournalists. I love every single one of these. Great job!
ron storer : these shots are so cool! you continue to take incredible risks with the tilt/shift and it is awesome!...and i love the first shot.
Julia Brown: I Love the bride's look during the ceremony!!