joy bianchi brown: omg i am SO a new fan of your stuff!! i kept hearing about you and finally got a chance to check it out. whew, i'm exhausted from the awesomeness of it all. LOVED this 80s style wedding. what an amazing couple.
W: WOW! These photos are gorgeous!!
C.J. Scott: Beautiful job once again guys!
amelialyon: Wow, such a fun wedding...I bet you had a blast with that 80z band!!! We'll miss you guys while you are in Canada!
John & Rose: What great pics! This will mean so much to you over the years. We can't wait to see the rest!
Lisa Roah: Amazing. Speechless. These are my fav wedding images ever. Can't wait to meet you guys at Jesh's workshop in October.
mike Larson Photography, Inc.: the best highlights from a wedding i have seen in a LONG LONG time. cheers
Mom & Jack: OH MY>>>>>>>>>>>>>Can't wait to see the rest of the photos. Memories are forever!!!!!
Stacy Cross: I love these so much - great job again guys!
Brittany: I wonder whose face hurt more from laughing so much. No really. I don't know whose cutier the screensave of the hedgehog from Africa or you two. Hum, I've got it I'm having my wedding in Africa with the animals so I can have the best of both worlds. Not that will really top it off! LOL can't you see me hanging from a tree branch- "Hey, honey!."
Stephanie Lairson: Thank you for your kind words - Shannon & Eric were a blast to work with - and you certainly captured all the emotions of the day! Can't wait to do it again!
Kate Mefford: Well, you guys knocked the freaking ball out of the park once again. Nice work!
jocelynne: holy shitake! can i say that here! because i feel like i need some sort of curse word to effectively convey my amazement at these photos! the one of the bride coming down the stairs, gave me goose bumps. so so amazing!
angel swanson: fabulous!! i love love love the closeup shot of shannon under her veil. definitely looks like a blast! :-)
Shannon + Eric: Our wedding day was a blur, and oh boy, did it fly by! But thanks to you, Nate and Jaclyn, we have all these kickbutt pictures that capture the moments and emotions of that day. We get goosebumps everytime we look at them! You guys are ridiculously talented! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!
Tonya: How do you only book gorgeous brides! What a fun wedding! The pictures are amazing! I love your blog!
Missy Gruszynski: OMG!!! Shannon you looked amazing! I was thinking of you all day! What amazing pics! Thanks for sharing!
Carolyn Greenwalt: OMG! These shots are great!! Perfect as always ..... LOVE IT!
kimi b: ....uuhhhhhhhhhh.......for the first time speechless.....heart you with the white hot intensity of a thousand suns. okay i have spoken!
lynne sugai: the one of shannon walking down the steps behind that beautiful filigree banister....ooooo, schweet!! mind boggling, as usual!
kristin: i looked at the red cheese site (b/c the idea ROCKS!) and it would cost 3,328.50 just to get the thing to where i live (that minus the 40 miles you get for free!). i guess living in CA has its benefits! great job on the photos! love it. all of it.
David Baxter: after <100 weddings there's still a lot of things that make me all tingly inside & this is one of those things. :) those cd covers are the shiz! absolutely love the reception shots. the light you captured in there was awesome! good on ya nate!
Shyla Dalirifar: you never never never cease to completely entertain/entertain/wow me!!! I totally heart you two!!!
Amy: Sweet!
Sarah: WOW, this one just blew me away. Awesome guys, just freaking awesome!
erica w: How fun! Talk about a dream wedding w/ dream photographers. I love the antiquey-looking ones! The ring shot rocks, too--gotta love the Police! Beautiful work, guys (as always!).
luke and shana: WOW!! Nuf said!
Tony Yu: ....................................................................................................... (this is my speechless comment)
abraham: wow. i mean WOW!....those portraits on the staircase are amazing. i mean AMAZING. seriously, if they dont win you a bunch of WPJA awards.......geez, its a no-brainer. i also love the portrait of her with the yellow background wall, she looks like a barbie!
kristin: Oh, my gosh! I want an 80's band at my wedding! Wait...I'm married already, OK so the 25th anniversary party, definitely! Great as usual, folks. Just GREAT!
come clean: I love the one with the rings! That background is so unique! That is a great capture of the bouquet toss!
Melissa Koehler: These are amazing!! I LOVE the 80's music thing! How cool! As always a fantastic job!
erica: OMFG, you guys RAWK. I am so jealous and I so wanna shoot an 80's themed wedding! Great stuff! Loooooooooooove the dance shot and the first look shot w/ the hankie. OMG, so romantic!