Debbie: I'm obsessed with this wedding dress - any idea where she got it?
Alyssa: Raven is my awesome uncle!!! Cash is one of the coolest aunts EVER!!!!!
monica hansen..: Aww.. the photos are so beautiful!! It really captures the moments. It was a beautiful wedding! I wedding I will never forget! So beautiful to see two people so much in love, and so perfect for each other!! Love you!!
Cash Casia Leo: PS if any of you want to see more of this beautiful "preview" posted here, you can see the whole deal at
Cash Casia Leo: Raven & I cannot thank you both enough. I know you took us seriously when we said "all we want are the moments". The proof is in the pudding- to see the pics is to relive each moment. It's as if each whisper, tear and laugh got documented in stone and now can live on forever. Thank you for this gift and your attention to the beautiful "little things" that life would be so empty without. xoxoxo
C.J. Scott: Incredible images! So beautiful!!!
Kristen: Seriously, guys, I like this wedding and all, but it's been...THREE days since a post...that's like, six months in blog-stalker world!
Yvette: OK, I am seriously considering tricking any old person into marrying me just so I can get you to take the photos!!!
Brian Palmer: You guys rock! I look to your site for inspiration to try new things all the time! Thank you thank you! Great shots!
Anne & Nigel: This are gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous pics... I sent the post to our photographer for inspiration. I just love the color and angles. Thanks
MK: wow- what a beautiful couple! I love al these photos- amazing job!
kenny kim: love your shots! thanks for sharing them with us!
laura: wow, so glamourous. you managed to catch the personalities of the people you photograph once again!
Tana Huffman: That ring shot rocks!!!
Jasmine*: So, so, so beautiful...most my favorite post yet...but I always say that when you post a wedding! :)
Jory Cordy: These are retarted! I'm totally coming see you guys soon, shootshop for sure.
angel swanson: i am in love with cash's dress... too fabulous! this wedding looked incredible; great shots!
Ray: With names like Cash & RAven, how could you go wrong? Looks awesome!
kerri: cash is simply stunning. i adore her dress... what an awesome wedding full of great details!
Lauren Lovelady: I always love spotting the photographer in shiny things like rings and sunglasses. As a photographer I relish being unobtrousively in a few of the wedding photos I shoot. Its like having a private joke with the photos. :)
Lanne: A pinata.. LOVE it.. GORGEOUS wedding and lacking anything pretentious - fantastic fun shots.. you can see how COOL they are.. (and how cool you guys are!)
Jason McGrew: WOW! Those wedding shots are off the hook.. Great job.. When are you going to do another SHOOTSHOP???
serena: love the ring shot! very creative!
amelialyon: Seriously, how come you guys always get the BEST weddings?! I really dig the ring shot and you did a great job of making your couple look like rock stars!!! Amamzing as always!
David Baxter: those textures are awesome nate. you wanna try some of our own home-made burned kitchen ones?
kimi b: I DEMAND TO KNOW HOW YOU DO IT??? i'm demanding you hear that tone!? love them ALL. big surprise. i'm exhausted looking at these. i gasped at each one! love you guys! you're OH SOOO inspiring.
Khrista: The ring shot it awesome!
heather morrow: seriously, you guys are UH-MAY-ZING!
annie: love the ring shot. love the cake topper emotion shot. beautiful wedding!
h2: how do you keep out-doing yourselves each time???? That ring shot ROCKS.
D Baker : Love the ring shot. As always they are so cool! Looks like a good time was had by all. Great job!