sandie: beautiful!!!! Love the bride peeking up through the trees!!! flippin AwesOmE!!!!
David Baxter: Does Trent Reznor know you stole his doll? Rad shot & post production Nate and/or Jac and/or Gen.
Tim Halberg: not that you need anyone else to tell you so, but GREAT images!!! As always, you inspire! Great job!!
kpeck: love love love it!!!! your editing is so interesting too, with all the textures and tones - really enhances the already awesome images :)
Ruth: Gosh I love the close up of the bride with her veil... that is one to be blown up and framed. You are awesome photographers... I LOVE your blog!
sarah: i don't know what to say...except that you guys captured our day perfectly. thank you for your amazing work, and for being part of our day.
rowena: is... is... that... chucky? bwahahaha. Not so strange, I quite like that last ring shot! What can I say that hasn't already been said about your work? You're makin' me PUKE! In a good way of course. thanks for the dose of inspiration!
kimi b: nate did you pull a mike larsen and through your cam up in the air for that killa fern shot???!!! the i have 7 days after checking this post?? that shot is flippin scary cool.
Shannon S.: of course I love all your pictures, but I think i might have nightmares tonight with that last image in my head. Love the fern image!! Amazing!
h2: AWESOME...the fern shot is killer...loved the ceremony shot with flower girl ala statue of liberty and the 1st ring shot was cool...2nd kinda creepy;)
Yolanda: Wow. I just attended a wedding at The Lodge last month. It looked nothing like the amazing sense of place you captured in these photos. Great, great work.
Addie: Oh I love all of these! Just beautiful!
abraham: the talent here is scary! you guys keep getting better and better! the close-up portrait of the bride is STUNNING and the photo of her standing in the doorway is a WORK OF ART! it has great lighting, emotion, texture, depth-of-field....amazing. great job!
serena grace: omg.....that is freaky! i think i'm going to have nightmares!
Calvin Tamás: Great big post. The concrete wall shot it awesome! Great use of texture there.
cathy: (I'm gonna have nightmares from that last ring shot now)...hehe! LOVE the fern shot!
lucas: strangely, i enjoyed the last one. interesting choice.