Fredy Wijaya: it was so awesome wedding candid journalism photography so far... you`re so profesional.... salute de angelo.... from Indonesia....
Rob: Wow! The pictures are incredible, better than we could ever have dreamed! They came just in the nick of time too, we just found out that Kara will be leaving for Iraq in just a few days. These pics have truly brightened our week and will serve as a testament of our love for each other. Please keep my beautiful bride in your thoughts and prayers and always remember that freedom isn't free...
kristin: I hurt! I physically hurt yearning for a piece of your fabulocity to rub off on me. Hoping that because I faithfully read this blog CONSTANTLY, some of it will. perhaps BUT I STILL HURT! you rocked it on this one. As if I had to tell you.
m. chan: dude, that snake "juice" is REDICULOUS! had some in china and i could decide if i felt really good or really sick.
millie holloman: Hi Nate! I have not had the chance to offically meet you yet, maybe one day in the future. I just wanted to give you a shout out and say that I love your work! You have such an amazing eye... I n this specific post, I especially love the shot of the guys folding the flag where just their hands are showing and the smaller square images you did of the groom. FAB STUFF!
Tana Huffman: Wow! How incredibly powerful was that shot of them holding the flag? Breathtaking!
angel swanson: love love LOOOOVE the one with her intense eyes. the snake-sake freaks me out... big time!
Nathan Holritz: The character study (series of portraits) of Rob is brilliant! Love that look!
abraham: great work! hey nate, how much nikon/canon?
julie james: the cigar ones are soo cool
laura: this wedding especially seemed to present some real visual interest and personality and you definitely took advantage of that--I'm so impresssed with the creativity on this one!
tara : rob and kara-you both look so amazing! the wedding was in a beautiful location. im so glad that you found nate and jaclyn, they did SUCH a better job than i ever could have done!!!
h2: UNbelievalbe.....absolutely unflipinbelieveable.
Deann: This is the most awesomest of awesome. I saw this couple when Tara Whitney first photographed them and have followed them over to your blog. Man, they are photogenic! Great job, Kaisers!
kimi b: now you've gone and killed me! you hear that nate?! i'm dead! these are flippizzity awesome. if i didn't love ya so much, i'd hate ya.
Wendy: How do you DO that? Those smoke pictures are awesome!
emilys: they seem to have quite the personalities and you guys (like normal) captured them to a never seem to stop amazing me. thanks for sharing!