jenny: any chance we can find out who did the bride's & bridesmaids' hair & makeup? they all look gorgeous!
Karen: I LOVE the grandpas talking with that glass. I So will be hunting a way to do that now... Thanks for the inspiration! Wow. And the granny shot... Hehehehe..totally perfect!
claire: guys are amazing!
mc heger: hammer? how cool is that! my favorite part of that photo is the strategic darkness that allows me to imagine he's wearing his trademark pants.
david baxter: please nate, don't hurt em. these shots are 2 legit. :)
Melisssa Koehler: Amazing shots. Everafter Events is always top notch!
Bridget: The picture of the bride dancing with her grandfather actually brought tears to my can see the love and joy in his face. Fantastic picture!
Kelly: Hammer....LOL I love everything amazing as always.
carrie: love the shot of the 2 dads talking - killer. and, the b + g in the middle of town...awesome! -c
Tanya Perez: Wow! MC Hammer looked sharp! :) Love all of these!
Calvin Tamás: rock solid wedding. Hehehehe, the hammer.
C.J. Scott: You guys rock the house. Big time.
gina: ok... just stop. seriously put the camera down, step back from the computer and walk away. HAHA ... you guys FLIPPIN rock!!! AMAZING and the formal one of the both of them where the buildings are in the background.... BRILLIANT.
Leah Simmers: Great work, these look so fun, you can tell the couple is so comfortable. May I ask what lenses you like to use. I assume you have the 16-35 on here but I'm wondering what others.
ayla: phenomenal work yet again! the one w/ the granny cruising by made me laugh out loud for real!! heart, another blog stalker!
angel swanson: michele is stunning; she looks like a barbie doll! i absolutely love the first portrait & the series in the streets. how rad about hammer! i ran into him at a casino party in SF a few years ago. glad to hear he's still got the moves!!
karla~looking towards heaven: how fun! they look precious together! Blessings, Karla
Stacy Cross: I LOVE MC Hammer! :) Man, I usually am not phased by celebrity, but if I was around MC, I might lose my mind!!! Great pics, guys!
kerri: ok... the granny shot is classic! if you took no other photos at my wedding, i would be totally happy!! LOL :)
h2: inspiring as always....its hammer time! (couldn't resist;)
kimi b: that urban shot with the granny is awesome. awesomeness just finds you guys! that ring shot is still cool.
abraham: MC HAMMER!?!?!! Last i saw him, he wuz a gansta!!!! super-cool!