mike w: hey ! you two look like a couple of celebrities,#6 is excellent!
Barbara Klages: #6 Wishing you a wealth of happiness, I love the picture!
Karen#6: Very Calssy Pictures
Jovanna #6: Very Nice Picture...You make a great couple...
Mom: By far the best picture!
Dad: the very best!
Vanessa: Awww.... you guys are great together... love the pictures...
Natasha #6: All the pictures were beautifully taken.
Nina: 5.29.07 - Wow!
Kristen: love them all!!!
Kev Kev: The symbolisim is profound and moving, I am compelled to punch at my key board and vote for your photo. I love you two, see you soon.
Wally Hirsch: My favorite picture was the 2 of you in the stairway!
Heidi Visocchi: love, love, love this pic!!
03991@stblaw.com: A mi me gusta mucho numero seis (#6).
Peg Sejdi: I just can't stand it...you capture some of the most amazing pics I've ever seen...and I surf hundreds of websites!!! I would love to pic your brains!!!!!!!!!!!
Joanne Bryant: A perfect couple! Looked like it was a great party. Sorry we couldn't join your celebrations.Best wishes from your NZ family the Bryants
Harri Harding: wish we could have been there!
Ross and Dee Keating: Fantastic shots with a difference. I think Jermey's fishing days are over, don't you Catherine?? Sorry we couldn't be there but its great to see that it was a fun day. Ross, Dee and Dez
yen: simply stunning. stairwell photo is my favorite. the second photo is my son's favorite.
mom & dad: beautiful & special wedding pictures
amelialyon: You guys seriously find the most creative places to shoot the formals...love it!
Morey and Fern Anderson: Great shots guys, wish we could have been there however we are enjoying Vienna. Congradulations
sara anthony: ahhh, the rings shots always make me smile!
Tim Harris: Great shots. You guys are the best
angel swanson: loooooooove the first sight pics!
Tracy & Tony: What a stunning couple! Looks like a loving, emotional ceremony and a JAMMIN reception! Catherine - your dress and hair were amazing!! My favs are Jeremy fixing his tie and the stairwell. Too cool!
Kim: You guys are brilliant.Period. Amen.
Heidi: Oh my gosh....they are beautiful......miss you guys a lot.....
Wally Hirsch: Your photographs are very creative & we can not wait to see them all! The wedding itself was out of this world!
kpeck: ridiculously awesome!!!! loved every one :)
Stacy Cross: Great pics! :) I LOVE the one of her dad dancing!
Sherri: That ring shot rocks the house...awesome as usual.
cathy: these are so great! Love the one that looks like she's about to take a nibble out of his ear. :) And as always, your ring shot is hot!
ed pingol: cocktail hour shot rocks!
kimi b: yeah!!!! the rings are back!! awesome window shot nate!