Daphna & Ian: Wow, you took such amazing shots! Gorgeous wedding. We can't wait to have you guys shoot our wedding on June 10th, yay!
Ashley : You continue to blow me away with your photos! I am so glad you have this blog and share them with us!
Yvonne: How in the world do you get couples to relax and take these awesome shots for weddings!? I've only done a few weddings, but it seems like they just want the boring, bride/groom with their parents shots... nothing fun and exciting like this! Please tell me your secrets oh great sensay!
Mrs. Rebecca Harris: These pics are why Angel and Rob chose you for their photographer ...Great Pics..so creative and fun ..I can't wait to see more !
Fred Egan: You guys just rock-that last photo sums up your relationship with your clients nicely! Muy excellente!
Chris Stewart: These are so good, You guys are a inspiration for me and my wife.
Yolanda: I love how the mood of these photos is so different from their engagement session. So dimensional.
april@sdohana: mad skills! your photos are sooo fun! i just wanna say your photos always make me smile and even giggle :0P no fluff, "not that there's anything wrong with that ."
amelialyon: Great Job guys...I've looking for this post! I seriously love the bride shots!
kpeck: yup, these are amazing!! :)
Simi: Holy wow. This might be my favorite wedding you've posted of late... Nate's open to anyone licking his face?
Ronnie: As usual the photos are amazing, the ideas are great, but I can't seem to get over one thing. How in the heck do you guys seem to have so much fun shooting with the couple? They seem like good friends of yours, not clients. Don't know what it is you two do but it seems to work well. Look forward to more cool stuff from you. Thanks, Ronnie
Betsy Barron: Amazing pictures! I am never disappointed with a visit to TIIF website - love your technique and originality - doesn't hurt to have such an obvoiusly gorgeous and fun couple to shoot too
kimi b: the rings !!! the rings!!!!
Lanne: Not sure what I love more - the one of her kissing him.. he looks sooooo in love and happy. the one of the awesome cloud behind them .. or the great comment from the bride herself. GO Mrs Barnes.. I like that! I think I would be the same.
cristy cross: I love looking at your blog. I get excited everytime you have a new post.
mrs. barnes: ok so i am sitting in traffic on my way home from getting my hair done (i mean what else would I be doing!) and rob calls me like a little 16 year old who just got asked to prom or something to tell me this is up! so i sat in traffic for maybe 3 minutes, decided i had to call him back and have him describe every picture to me over the phone, i mean its pure torture i tell you! and when i finally got some road in front of me, i put the pedal to the metal and i didnt stop for gas even though my gas light was on for probably 10 minutes as well. needless to say, i somehow safely made it home forcing my car into the garage even though the garage door wasnt quite all the way up lol, ran upstairs to the computer, and well you know the rest. WOW!!!!! We are so blessed to have the COOLEST photographers ever at our wedding. You guys were seriously part of our dream team ;) (And you guys are one of my personal role models, as I have learned so much about photography just by observing, and being invlolved). These pictures are just amazing, and I am already mentally decorating my house with them. I can't wait to see the rest!! THANK YOU OVER AND OVER AND OVER......
dbax@sdohana: hmmm....what is missing....hmmmmm.... love the cake shot!
Stephanie: Those are great! I love how you can find just about anything, (airhocky table, grannie underware..) and make it look awesome! Love that! :D
karla - looking towards heaven: oh wow! the photo of him during the vows is so precious!
lauren cd: as always...amazing! *