jen: what workshop? do tell.
Wiki: I am big fan of your shots... the angles are very unique... But I also admire how you edited your pictures. So powerful. thank you for sharing... Come to Oz... let me teach from the best.
Cammeron Kaiser: Omg I want to learn how to do that. I can't seem to find it in any books anywhere! grrrr
Lanne: Please please please.. count me in for a DVD.
sara anthony: I'm so excied i'm going to the workshop! These are great.
lauren: thanks - you all are the best!
Tracy & Tony: holy cow!! No wonder you were able to make me look so good in my pics HA HA! Oh haven't edited mine yet...SEE I told you that you guys are pure genius behind a camera - you made me look good with no editing =)
Shannon: Love you for sharing these ... you are one talented team and your vision is pure ART! I had wondered how you shot the image of Lauren on the chair, so exciting to see the before! You guys are true artists!
hailey: oh yes!! wow... your good! i say book... dvd... classes...!!! fantastic
kpeck: yes yes! more before & afters!!! You are GOOD :)
Addie: I wish I knew your fraction of PS! I vote for the dvd!
Lisa : dude, i'd buy that book!
susan stripling: wow, nate, will you teach me how to do that too? hhahaha. xxxooo!
Megan: I'd also love to see a DVD of your techniques :D And a regular before/after feature! It's one of my favourite things to see :)
Sabrina: I love these before and after. I'd always wondered how much PS was done and I absolutely love seeing these. I'd love to see a regular features on the blog of before and afters.
Jamie: I'm so sad that I live in Denver and not one of the areas that your workshops are in. :( DANGGIT!
Kelly K: thanks for sharing..I'm sooo excited!
kelly sullivan: These are some of the techniques I was hoping you would cover!!
corinne delis: holy moly man this is soooo cool! you need to start selling online stuff soon because I really want to know how you did this!!! Corinnexxx
maureen: please please please sell a dvd of your workshop for those of us who won't be able to join you! please!
eadwine: words fail me when it comes to express how awesome your images are. pls come up with a dvd QUICK.
amy wenzel: i just have to say that i think lauren is one of the prettiest girls i have ever seen.
patti: amazing, thank you so much fo rsharing I love seeing the before and afters... any word if the 2nd workshop for Atlanta is on? :)
cathy: holy moly, that is SO cool! Thanks for sharing how your creative process continues in the post-processing!!!
kb: photoshop , no photoshop you're still my heros!
angel harris: i love her red dress! anyway...i splurged on the TRA set recently which is totally rad btw, and i can stay up late at night for hours on PS, one of my favorite hobbies fo sho.
Ania: Amazing! Thank you so much for sharing - very fun to see and I see I still got LOTS to learn before being able to even *try* to master this. Lovely effects.
Lisa Russo: Goodness, if I wasn't excited enough already! See you in Atlanta!
Sherri: This was a fantastic idea because I have been DYING to know how much photoshopping you do, etc...would love to see more sometime.
Calvin Tamás: Would love to see more of this! The before and after idea!
SMJ: HOLY COW! You are amazing! Gosh I bought the TRA actions..and am sooo learning them! AMAAAZING talent you have!!!
Tana H: Wow! Great images. I just love before and after sessions!! I can't wait to learn more in San Fran! See you there!