coffeerat: I do hope you'll come back to the SE for another workshop & photo session. I'll book both, gladly. Worth the 4.5 hour drive! --Megan
Joanna: Hmmm....we will be passing through the ATL airport a bit on Sunday...does that count? Fun photos at the airport, no?
Anne: Damn, even your travel alerts are awesome. Umm.. you rock, again.
Peter: Nate, I don't know if you realize this but the satellite photo you've chosen captures the enormous folds of the southern Appalachian. You can see it in the 'U' shape that opens up towards the northeast . . . you're a good photographer but you could have made a great geologist;) Can't wait to see you in The City brother, Tater and Danger have been talking about you and Jaclyn since you were last up here.
Kim: Guess Atlanta is too far from New Brunswick:)