Jen Bebb: I am SO excited for you guys! Everyone who signed up is going to have an amazing experience. Susan and Nate, you guys have worked so hard for this and I am so proud of you! Hugs!
Erin Spivey: Are you going to have any sort of wait list in case ppl can't make it? I wasn't quick enough on the draw!!!!
sara anthony: Can't wait. iImade it in by the skin of my teeth it looks like!
GinaR: You guys need to open up a CA workshop!!
Dee : man I didn't see this .... .I'm in florida;)
Rob S: I'm not at all surprised you sold out so fast. You guys ROCK !!!
Julie Hill: You guys are on fire... not just this post! Congrats! You deserve all the success. :)
susan stripling: nate and i are NOT kidding when we say we're stunned - you guys have overwhelmed us! please do stay tuned, we will hopefully be announcing august ASAP.
Stevie: Wow!!! When are you going to start accepting registration for August?? Can I send it in yet?! You both are so inspiring and I don't want to miss the next workshop!!!
Kris Noorman: Oh goodness ... I was considering this and, WOW, it looks like lots of other were, too, and they snatched it all up! :) Congrats! That's great! Maybe next time ......
emilie: wow!!!! congrats on your amaazing response! it sounds like this will be a fantastic experience. how many students did you accept?
angel swanson: congrats on the response for this workshop! no surprises here... :-)
carrie: definately would have travelled for this, but we'll be on vacation in mexico ;) will see you for the west coast version for sure - can't wait! do tell the whereabouts! -c
Lanne: I asked my husband if he would mind terribly if I spent $3500 coming to the states and doing the workshop. .... he wasnt so thrilled about that.. but he didnt say no..haha (he just looked it!) Sounds like an awesome workshop.... hope you enjoy offering it.
db: I can't decide what to wear. If I'm going to be the model for some of these shots, should I come dressed as a character from 300, The Office, or Anchor Man? What do you think Nate? At least I have 4 months to decide. See you in August.
Karien: Ah, can't you make a plan to come to South Africa as well? I am a very loyal fan and would KILL to attend this one...
erlina: do we have to bring laptop?
cares: oh, wow. how I so wish I could make it to that workshop! I'm guessing the West Coast one will be in Cali? Can't wait to hear!
Reg: Awe man! You're BIG TIME now!!! I'm so proud of you two!!! good on ya!
Blu: I want to be just like you two :) inspire. inspire. inspire your friends at Blu I just want to come to eat dinner with you famous people.
Rob from UK: Any chance you can video / podcast it for us in the UK? I'd happily buy a DVD.
Megan: Come to the remote North of Scotland! Please! It's not *that* far away :) Super jealous.
sara anthony: i'm just about to pee my pants i'm so excited!!
Cindy: Yeah!! What about us in the middle? Dallas, anyone? Please, Please, Please.....pretty please? ;)
Cheryl Johnson: what about those further afield - like the other side of the pond ?
Elizabeth Pellette: Oh I am so jealous for all of those who get to go.. I cant but would love to.. I bet it will be a ball.. Enjoy
Karen: YES.. what about the in-betweeners- like dallas!! Im gonna try to get in to the west coaster... but mid week... eek... will try ! how about a whole weekend sometime.... when my kids will be at their fathers... hint hint...
kelly byrom: woohoooo! im in...sent in my form and im in!!!! cant wait!
Amy Hunsinger: Man! I am soooo excited! Just signed up! I'll be in the front row with brand new school supplies ready to go!
kpeck: oh man...i need to win the lottery so i can go!!!
Alicia: Definitely ready for August - I'll be looking forward to it!
Fred Egan: Gootta love a man with an appreciation for Zoolander :) I'm down for some west coast August action!
Kelly Kuntz: I'm pumped you are coming to the west coast!! (besides living here!) I was just about to look up flights to Atlanta... see ya in August!
Lisa Russo: Done! Can't wait!
JessicaF: I definitely think you need something for us between-the-coast folks. Say, Dallas??????????
Linda: I am thrilled you will be repeating this workshop on the west coast!!!
Hannah: EXCELLENT! You guys and Susan are my greatest inspirations, I cannot wait until this comes to the west coast. =D
Kelly Sullivan: Can't wait!!!
Erik Dungan: This is great. Any chance of a west coast version? I would be there in two shakes.
yvonne: p.s. i love your slogan. how very zoolander of you.
yvonne: west coasters? maybe seattle? please, seattle!!! we are in desperate need of seminars here.
Freespirit512: Looking forward to the fun & creative workshop in SoCal.
abraham: is august 8 gonna be in southern cali or northern cali?
kimi: teach us Pavarotti... See you in SD!!
Myong: I'll be there in august. I didn't pay $199 to see Joe Buissink but I will pay $700 to see Nate. Can't wait.
Rene: So Cal in August, i am soooo there!!!
david and kim: THANK GOODNESS!!!!YIPPEEE FINALLY HERE!! anyway, unfortunately can't make it to Hotlanta , but anxiously await the SO CAL DATE!!!
sara from whitebox: i am so excited!!!! my biz partner and i are so there!!! see you on the 17th!!!!! : )
deAnne Wakefield: we need you in oregon, nate!!! please??