Gary Shawver: Ref: db worte: above - WORKSHOP.. SOON When I think of what I have learned about looking at things from the photos I can only imagine what I would learn in a 1 or 2 day session.
amelialyon: Nice job!!! I can't wait to post my images from that day....I like seeing what you saw!
Melissa E Earle: So, am I allowed to say that these "driving photos" rock...even if you got kicked out of the first place. Creativeness ROCKS (ok, I so used that word twice in a comment post) with your cameras
db: Work shop! Work shop! Work shop! Can you hear the tin cups rattling against our cages. Set us free Nate. Set us free. All we need is just one little workshop. Pllleeeease!!!
Melissa F: So sad about the abandoned water park, but these are quite wonderful as well. The toning is gorgeous... promise you'll have a workshop to show us your tricks!?!