K I K O: AMAZING SHOW. We took the entire series with us on our honeymoon (which ended about a week ago, but already seems like a decade ago), and watched almost the entire series. I know that doesn't sound like the most romantic thing to do on a honeymoon, but trust me it was fantastic! Great series, incredible photography.
amy: thanks for sharing! i'm gonna tune in for this one for sure!
juliana twedt: i'm hooked - this show is amazing and hands down the best nature cinematography i've ever seen.
Karla - Looking towards Heaven: just an FYI - it is showing on the Science Channel too tonight (part of Discovery)
Misty: I watched all of it last night and was left wanting more I cant wait until next sunday and I will have to buy the dvds. It is by far the best thing I have ever seen on tv!
katie: your pictures are amazing and unlike anything i've ever seen. just found your site today and look forward to seeing more of your pics!
kelly byrom: that crazy blue face bird! and the poor little elephant. and the insane creatures at the bottom of the ocean. i loooove hd. i hope they replay them all week...im anxiously waiting for next week.
angel swanson: sooo incredible! it reminds me of this awesome book i have called "earth: a photographic journey." I used to spend hours poring over its pages as a child... have a blast in vegas!! :-D
malin: oh my gosh, it sounds like your evening was just like mine, watching planet earth with a curious toddler. It was righteously cool.